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News Playrise Digital considering Silverstone and open wheel cars for TTR World Tour


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Game: Table Top Racing: World Tour

Platform: PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Playrise Digital

Release Date: 31/01/2013

Nearly one month after its initial release on PS4, Playrise Digital are already gathering ideas for future content in Table Top Racing World Tour. One idea they're toying with is the possibility of a Silverstone DLC pack, which they've opened up to the community to vote on a Twitter poll

Silverstone logoThe TTR World Tour Silverstone DLC pack would feature the four official SIlverstone courses, and of course open wheel cars to race around the iconic British circuit: "We'd want to add open wheel racers to it (fun not simulator, but slip streaming etc, we'd leave weapons on of course too)" Playrise Digital posted on their Facebook page.

Naturally, the miniature version of Silverstone would have to be adapted for TTR World Tour: "But this would still be a "Table Top" race track, and it'd be actual racing around a scale model of Silverstone (maybe in the pit lane or in the hospitality suite over looking a full scale race) – and so the track would be a little bit like one of those "Atrium Visualisation Models" you get when town planners want to convince you that flattening your current town center would be a good thing."

"So you'd still be able to fall off, it's still a table top track. We'd exaggerate the terrain/hills and bump as Silverstone is pretty flat as it used to be an airfield waaay back."

If there's enough demand, Playrise predict that the Silverstone DLC would cost around £4.99/$6.99. "You'd get with dinky little openwheel racers (but you can also run current cars on it too), the 4 official tracks including the GP circuit, bespoke Openwheel Championship cups, new Playstation Trophies added, but we'd keep all the fun, humour and weapons.. and of course you can play multiplayer on it too."

While Playrise Digital's CEO Nick Burcombe is best known for co-creating WipEout, he was also involved with the development of some of Sony's Formula One games for PS2 and the underrated F1 Championship Edition on PS3, so it's perhaps not surprising to see him considering adding open wheel cars to TTR World Tour.

Currently available on PS4 for free as part of May's PS Plus Instant Game Collection, Table Top Racing World Tour will be tearing onto Steam this week. An Xbox One version is expected to follow at a later date.

Would you like to see a Silverstone DLC expansion for TTR World Tour?

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