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News Table Top Racing: World Tour announced for PS4


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Game: Table Top Racing: World Tour

Platform: PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Playrise Digital

Release Date: 31/01/2013

Table Top Racing has enjoyed considerable success on mobiles thanks to its Micro Machines-esque take on racing making it ideal for casual gaming on the go. Developer Playrise Digital, a Liverpool-based company founded by the co-creator of Wipeout Nick Burcombe, recently ported the smash hit onto the much-neglected PlayStation Vita where we declared it as a "fun-filled, frantic racer" in our review, but now the series is set to make its home console debut with Table Top Racing: World Tour, an expanded edition featuring new cars, tracks, shortcuts and power ups.

Development has only just begun, however, so Playrise are remaining tight lipped on any further details for now, but its official announcement details how the team aim to deliver "a full-on, new-generation, console gaming experience," with multiplayer at the forefront. And that's not just online multiplayer – Playrise promise that traditional split screen 4 player couch multiplayer will also be included , which is something of a rarity in contemporary console games, sadly. Because nothing beats bickering with your friends face-to-face during a hard-fought race. 

PS4 owners will be able to join in the fun first as Table Top Racing World Tour will be a timed exclusive in Q4 2015, with releases to follow on PC, mobiles and other consoles. 

Sony's Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad has already had a bash, and seems to like what he's seen so far: “Playrise Digital has impressed us with their eye for gameplay, their technical expertise and their pursuit of multi-player fun, so we’re delighted to see Table Top Racing: World Tour launch first on PlayStation®4,” he said. “We can’t wait to see Playrise fully realize their vision and ambition using the power of the PS4.”

Table Top Racing: World Tour marks the first time Burcombe has worked on a home console game since Formula One: Championship Edition on PS3 in 2007. "With a long history of hit games for PlayStation over the decades, we feel that the PlayStation platform is our spiritual home and to make a return to console development, as an indie developer, feels like a dream come true," he told Eurogamer.

Whether the formula will work as well on home console remains to be seen, particularly as console audience's expectations will ultimately be higher which was one of the Vita version's downfalls, but what's been announced so far sounds promising. Indeed, the developer seems to have addressed some of the common criticisms fired at Table Top Racing, such as the lack of power-ups and shortcuts.

To accompany the announcement, Playrise have released a series of work-in-progress screenshots showcasing an all-new track called

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