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News Tropical Ice Pack DLC adds new locations to Table Top Racing: World Tour


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Game: Table Top Racing: World Tour

Platform: PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Playrise Digital

Release Date: 31/01/2013

Playrise Digital has released new DLC content for their micro-combat racing game Table Top Racing World Tour on PS4 and PC. 

The Tropical Ice Pack adds two brand new tracks: 'Life's A Beach' which is set on the golden beaches of Rio and 'Yellowsnow Piste', a luxurious ski resort in the heart of the European Alps. The Tropical Ice Pack features eight new race routes, along with new Overtake' and Checkpoint' game modes, three new challenging championships and 16 new Special Events.

Table Top Racing: World Tour Tropical Ice Pack DLC

As requested by fans, the Tropical Ice Pack also adds six new PlayStation trophies and Steam Achievements which should keep purists busy.

TTR World Tour was developed by Playrise Studio, a Liverpool-based indie studio founded by Nick Burcombe who was the Lead Designer for WipEout and WipEout 2097.

“TTR: World Tour has clocked up over 4.5 million downloads on PlayStation® Network since it launched free on PS Plus in May 2016, with a PSN player rating of 83%” Burcombe commented. “We’ve been listening to fans and responding for the calls for more circuits and more trophies and new game modes, so that's exactly what we've delivered with the 'Tropical Ice Pack'. It's a great value bundle and I think it's going be quite challenging for players to snag those new trophies too."

Here's the official feature list for the Tropical Ice Pack:

  • 2 Beautiful New Locations! – ‘Life’s a Beach’ featuring a tricky and technical circuit built around two areas of an amazing Brazilian juice bar, and ‘Yellowsnow Piste’, a luxury la-dee-da ski lodge in a European Alpine location…including a hot tub and random snowball fights that occasionally derail your plans for victory…
  • 2 Challenging Gameplay Modes – ‘Checkpoint Challenge’, survival mode against the clock and ‘Overtake Mode', whizz past the disgruntled opponents that'll do anything to block you and overtake as many as you can to get the 3-Stars!
  • 3 Tough Championships – designed to be tough and feature all of the new game modes and circuits.
  • 16 Bad-ass Special Events – bend the rules and think outside the box to complete these 3 star challenges!
  • 6 PlayStation Trophies to win – You asked for it – you got it! 3 Bronze, 2 Silver and 1 Gold, new trophies are up for grabs!

The Tropical Ice Pack is available now on PS4 and PC for £3.99, $4.99 and €4.99. Playrise Studios previously released a Superchargers DLC pack and have hinted at the possibility of Silverstone-themed content coming to TTR World Tour in the future. 

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