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News New cars showcased in Table Top Racing World Tour screenshots, car damage confirmed


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Game: Table Top Racing: World Tour

Platform: PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Playrise Digital

Release Date: 31/01/2013

Liverpool-based indie developer Playrise Digital has released some new work-in-progress shots of recently-announced Table Top Racing World Tour sequel for PS4, showcasing some of the old and new cars that will appear in the series debut on PS4.

Like the original, all the featured cars resemble dinky toys you might have owned in your childhood Matchbox collection. But while Playrise had to use some creative license, they still bare deliberately obvious resemblances to real world makes. The screenshots introduce a muscle car called Brawler RT muscle car – anyone want to hazard a guess? Yes, if that wasn't already a giveaway, it's unmistakably based on a 1970's Dodge Charger R/T. Meanwhile the fan favourite drift king, the Tokyo Zero, returns in a new 'Stage2' variant in an ode to the Nissan Skyline.  

Speaking to us on FaceBook, Playrise also revealed how car damage has been implemented into the series for the first time, while also increasing the level of detail of the car models: "On these cars the trunk (boot) lid, hood (bonnet), doors, wing mirrors and fenders (bumpers) all fall off," they said. "The engine is under the hood too and it even animates in tune with the revs. You should see the underneath! Proper little toy cars, straight chrome axels and two screws that secure the chassis. The detail is phenomenal. The Tokyo Zero even has a Rollcage."

Table Top Racing World Tour will be blasting onto PS4 later next year as a timed exclusive. In the meantime, you can see how its Vita variant fared in our review

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