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Game: Table Top Racing: World Tour

Platform: PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Playrise Digital

Release Date: 31/01/2013

Today is Table Top Racing: World Tour day!

After 18 months in development, Playrise Studios' mini combat racing series TTR has finally crossed the line onto PS4 with their debut release TTR: World Tour. Best of all, TTR: World Tour is currently free to download as part of the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus members, so what are you waiting for?

Table Top Racing: World Tour screenshotTTR: World Tour brings the mini combat racing genre to current-gen, in what looks to be a delightful mashup of Micro Machines and Mario Kart. 12 fully customised mini motors are featured, and while they're not licensed, they do bare more than a passing resemblance to some iconic real life cars. 

TTR: World Tour features 20 dynamic circuits based in five unique locations, including a track set on a Yo Sushi! table top. They're far more animated than the mobile and Vita releases of Table Top Racing, with dynamic objects to avoid and opportunities to use the environment to your advantage. 

But what better way to learn more about TTR: World Tour than from the man himself? During our exclusive first look at Table Top Racing World Tour at Playrise Digital's base in Liverpool, we sat down with Game Director Nick Burcombe (a man best known for co-creating WipEout, as you probably know by now) for an in-depth playthrough of TTR World Tour as Nick gives us the lowdown on all the game modes, cars and tracks, as well as the design philosophy behind TTR World Tour.

Today also sees the release of TTR World Tour's first DLC. Available for £5.75 on the PSN, the Supercharger pack adds a new Indiana Jones-style race rack, cars, paints, championships and special events. Definitely worth a punt if you want to support the developers. Here's a breakdown of the content included in the Supercharger Pack:

Supercharger Pack contents

4 Brand new ultra-cool cars 

16 New 'Special Events'







And if that wasn't enough, you can also download a swanky TTR World Tour dynamic theme, as well as some TTR World Tour PSN avatars. It's about time the PSN had some worthy racing game avatars, frankly.

You can look forward to more TTR WOrld Tour content coming soon on the site and the TeamVVV YouTube channel. What are your impressions of TTR World Tour so far?

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