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Developer: BugBear Entertainment
Publisher: TBA
Year: 2014
Platforms: PC

BugBear crank up the carnage in the tentatively-titled Next Car Game, a spiritual successor to their fabled FlatOut series that puts a modern spin on the age old demolition derby genre with its revolutionary soft body deformation damage system.

Latest News


Major update released for Wreckfest

A major update has been released for the destruction-happy racer Wreckfest which currently resides on Steam...


Wreckfest to release late 2017 on PC, early 2018 on PS4 & Xbox One

Wreckfest has been one of the those games that we have been looking forward to playing for a very, very...


Latest Wreckfest update adds new car and track content

WIth the recent release of Stuntfest on Steam Early Access, some players were probably worried that BugBear...


Wreckfest update includes new tracks and more

The very latest update for Wreckfest sees the inclusion of the new “Sandpit 3” track (pictured) which will...


New Wreckfest update adds official modding support

Updates on BugBear's FlatOut spiritual successor Wreckfest have been sporadic as of late, with lengthy gaps...


BugBear release FlatOut-style Throw-A-Santa mini game for Wreckfest

Remember FlatOut's comical car mini games where you flung your driver through the windscreen racking up...


BugBear Entertainment tease 'something special' for Wreckfest

BugBear Entertainment have teased that “something crazy” is going to happen soon regarding their...


Wreckfest gets an engine upgrade in new update

It's been a long time since BugBear's smash-em-up Wreckfest (better known as Next Car Game to long-time...


Next Car Game becomes 'Wreckfest', new build adds chaotic multiplayer

After nearly a year since its initial release on Steam Early Access, BugBear's tentatively-titled Next Car...


Next Car Game update adds LAN support, new engine, car and track

It's been a long while since we were last treated to an update for Next Car Game on Steam Early Access, but...


Next Car Game - Sandpit Circuit Gameplay

For pure fun factor, Next Car Game is shaping up to be one of our favourite racing game releases of the...


Next Car Game update adds new Sandpit track, new derby arenas and...

It's been some time since we took Next Car Game for a spin, but now our appetite for destruction has been...


Next Car Game Triple Screen Mayhem

So far we've tried out a wealth of PC racing sims on the TeamVVV Test Rig, but now it's time for something...


Next Car Game - Figure of 8 Crazy Carnage Gameplay

The figure of 8 track is a staple circuit in the demolition derby scene, filled with crossovers...


Next Car Game - Chaotic Cockpit Camera Race Gameplay

I'll admit it: I am hopeless addicted to Next Car Game. Its brand of destructive no rules racing is right...


Next Car Game update adds Figure of 8 Track and '80s American Sedan

Since its hurried release on Early Access last year in time for Christmas, it's fair to say I've been...


Next Car Game made over $1 million dollars in one week on Steam...

Next Car Game is proving to be one of the biggest success stories for the indie crowd-funding scene,...


Next Car Game smashes on Steam Early Access, first update available

Next Car Game was already released on Steam Early Access via Steam Keys sent out before Christmas to anyone...


Next Car Game: Early Access doubled sales over Christmas, free demo...

It's fair to say that a large chunk of my Christmas holiday period was spent causing rampant carnage in...


Next Car Game Early Access Pre-Alpha gameplay - Tarmac Race

I get back behind the wheel of BugBear's Next Car Game Early Access Pre-Alpha for another chaotic 24 car...


Next Car Game Early Access Pre-Alpha gameplay - Demolition Derby Action

BugBear are bringing demolition derby back in a big way with Next Car Game. Last year's DiRT Showdown was...


Next Car Game Early Access Pre-Alpha gameplay - Gravel Race

BugBear's Next Car Game certainly got our engines revving with its impressive damage modelling showcased in...


Next Car Game Technology Demo gameplay: crashing cars in creative ways

The release of the Next Car Game Technology Demo has whetted my appetite for destruction. This was my first...


Next Car Game released on Steam Early Access

Just in time for Christmas, BugBear has released their highly anticipated Early Access build of Next Car...

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