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Game: Wreckfest

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bugbear Entertainment, THQ Nordic

Release Date: 27/08/2019 (PS4 & XONE)

It's been a long time since BugBear's smash-em-up Wreckfest (better known as Next Car Game to long-time fans) received an Early Access update. However, Bugbear have been busy beavering away on a major engine upgrade for the past few months, but now it's finally ready. 

The handling has been reworked with an overhauled tire and suspension simulation model, along with graphical effects thanks to the new next-generation DirectX 11 rendering engine.

The already impressive soft body deformation has also been upgraded, as BugBear promise new levels of destruction of "unparalleled level of detail and quality."

Further more, a new European and American muscle car has been added to the banger racer roster, along with a new oval track.

Here's the complete changelog of the new update:


Fixed out of memory errors with high texture quality (on systems with enough memory).

Physics:Implemented multi-body suspension physics. 

Implemented proper clutch (no manual yet). 

Transferred physical vehicle parameters to a new data system for future modding support. 

Fixed car part simulation. 

Implemented surface bump for surfaces.


Implemented initial version of the DX11 renderer (pending optimization). 

Implemented foliage transparency antialiasing (alpha to coverage).

Controls:Controllers are now re-detected upon entering options. 

Fixed crash when controller name contained non-ascii characters (like ©). 


Added new game mode: Elimination Race (2-4 teams). 

Implement race statistics collecting (per car stats accessible from car selector, per track stats from event selection). 

Fixed an issue in which damage would occasionally carry over to single player after exiting a multiplayer game. 

Implemented more accurate lap time measurement. 

AI:Improved throttle and brake management. 

Improved starting grid behaviour. 

Cameras:Implemented camera shake effect for collisions. 

Improved replay camera positions on all tracks.

Cars:New car: American Muscle 3. 

Added more alternative skins.

Added engine subcomponent upgrades (light on choice for now).

Tracks:Added new oval track. 

Improved AI splines. 

User Interface:Redline and max RPM in tachometer are now dynamic based on the engine. 

Split time to player in front of the player is now shown at certain split points during races. 

Race winner is now shown in HUD. 

In-race results overlay is now accessible in photo/replay/spectate modes. 

Added an option to hide HUD during races. 

Added photo mode hotkeys to cycle between car targets. 

Improved launcher layout for 720p screens. 

Fixed a bug affecting primary graphics adapter detection. 

Implemented borderless window mode for native full-screen resolution window. 

Kicking/banning is now possible with right-click context menu in lobby and in-race results overlay. 

Multiplayer:Implemented an option to change the track and event settings in lobby. 

Added an option to spectate a race in progress from lobby. 

Host can now add AI bots. 

Remaining laps or time left is now shown in server browser when a race is in progress. 

Added an option to game settings to disable in-race chat. 

Added an option for a player to change their team (max 12 players per team). 

Added a host option to force same car model as host. 

Added a host option to set a custom server name. 

Implemented a vote kick/ban system. 

Third ban to same player results in the ban being automatic in subsequent games on the same host. 

Lost tires are now synced from server. 

Fixed bugs in results calculation. 

Various server side fixes.

Dedicated Server:Implemented first version of dedicated server (the server runs without a Steam account and uses considerably less RAM and CPU than the full game). 

Implemented remote configuration through game client.

Effects:Improved particle performance.

Sounds:Improved audio positioning. 

Fixed curb sounds.

Response to this latest update haven't been entirely favourable however, with users reporting performance issues, while the reworked handling doesn't seem as enjoyable as before, somehow.

Numerous hotfixes have since been released to address these issues, but performance still doesn’t seem to be as smooth compared to previous builds running on the same settings.

Have you encountered any issues with the latest Wreckfest update?

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