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Developers: Ivory Tower & Ubisoft Reflections
Year: 2014
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections (the former developers of Test Drive Unlimited and Driver: San Francisco Reflections) join forces to develop The Crew, a next generation driving game with a vast open world representing the entire United States. 

Latest News


Details on the The Crew's upcoming major patch released

Details on The Crew's upcoming patch, due out before the end of the month, have been revealed. [ai:grid... Read More


Stunt races are coming to The Crew Wild Run

The ever-expanding world of The Crew continues to evolve, as Ivory Tower have announced that Stunt Races... Read More


The Crew Wild Run patch adds new Practice Mode

The Crew Wild Run has received a new patch update, adding a new Practice Mode as well as handling... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run 500 Abarth monster truck gameplay

We head over to the Monster Arena in The Crew's Wild Run expansion for some fun in our very latest gameplay... Read More


Photo mode coming to The Crew in January patch

Ubisoft's The Crew is getting its first major patch of the year this month, bringing a host of improvements... Read More


First details revealed for The Crew: Wild Run's upcoming photo mode

The very first details on the upcoming photo mode for The Crew: Wild Run have come to light courtesy of... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run's December update includes handling improvements

Specific details on The Crew: Wild Run's December update have been shared by developer Ivory... Read More


Video and photo modes coming to The Crew: Wild Run

Developer Ivory Tower have shared a new image (below) teasing future content for The Crew: Wild Run.... Read More


The Crew Wild Run: Initial impressions using a racing wheel

We share our initial thoughts when using a racing wheel on the recently released Wild Run expansion for The... Read More


The Crew Wild Run: new vs old graphics comparison

We take a look at The Crew's new graphics and audio versus the old in our very latest latest comparison... Read More


The Crew Wild Run: cruising to the Summit gameplay

We decide to share with you guys our cruise in the Nissan GT-R as we head to the newly added Summit for The... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run vs Need For Speed visual comparison

We put The Crew: Wild Run and Need for Speed together in our latest comparison video. The comparison video... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run expansion released today

Ubisoft have released The Crew's Wild Run expansion today which brings a plethora of new content to the... Read More


Work on The Crew's upcoming graphical upgrade started in 2014

Ubisoft Ivory Tower Managing Director Ahmed Boukheifa has recently confirmed that work on The Crew's... Read More


The Crew Wild Run - developer interview

We catch up with Stephane Jankowski, producer of The Crew: Wild Run and he gives us some new details on the... Read More


The Crew Wild Run PC beta - Random Drive

After checking out a full preview version of The Crew's upcoming Wild Run expansion, we now turn our... Read More


The Crew Wild Run preview - drifting in the rain

We continue our preview footage with the full version of The Crew: Wild Run by trying our hand at some... Read More


The Crew Wild Run preview: monster trucks

Following on from our recent drift car video we now turn our attention to the monster trucks within The... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run preview - drifting with a drift spec car

We've got lots of preview action coming shortly (not to be confused with the PC closed beta) for the... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run PC beta starts tomorrow, here's what it contains

As many will already know, The Crew: Wild Run PC closed beta will start tomorrow, October 15, so let's have... Read More


Is The Crew's massive open-world about to expand further?

Ubisoft have posted a video of their recent community event where many people from the racing game... Read More


Ubisoft acquires The Crew developer Ivory Tower

Ubisoft has acquired Ivory Tower, the French developer based in Lyon who worked on The Crew. [ai:grid... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run beta starts in just over a week

Ivory Tower, the developers of The Crew will soon be inviting players to participate in a PC closed beta to... Read More


Driving a monster truck through the streets in The Crew: Wild Run...

Ivory Tower have released some gameplay footage of The Crew's Wild Run expansion showing a monster truck... Read More


The Crew Wild Run: Biking to the Hoover Dam gameplay

We get on our bikes with our last Gamescom gameplay video of The Crew's Wild Run expansion which is set for... Read More


FreeDrive stunt challenges coming to The Crew

We've already covered lots of new and exciting additions that will be coming to The Crew over recent weeks... Read More


The Crew to get improved sound, handling and UI

The highlights of the The Crew's upcoming updates for most will be the addition of the new vehicles and... Read More


Instant FreeDrive Challenges coming to The Crew

Ivory Tower have recently revealed they are working on FreeDrive Challenges for their massive open-world... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run - bike gameplay

We return to some biking action from The Crew's upcoming Wild Run expansion. Alan rides through a forest... Read More


Check out The Crew's updated graphics in our cruising gameplay

We cruise around in our Ferrari 458 Speciale and have a look at The Crew's updated graphics at the Gamescom... Read More


Bikes gameplay from The Crew's Wild Run expansion

We've covered the new monster trucks and dragsters from the upcoming Wild Run expansion for The Crew, now... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run dragsters gameplay

Following the monster trucks video, we now turn our attention to the newly added dragster spec in The... Read More


The Crew: Wild Run monster trucks gameplay

Our very first gameplay video from Gamescom takes a look at some of the content of offer within the Wild... Read More


Dynamic Weather confirmed for The Crew, free for everyone

Developer Ivory Tower have confirmed that dynamic weather will be coming to the massive open-world “carpg”... Read More


The Crew: New Wild Run expansion trailer showcases graphical overhaul

Ubisoft have released a new trailer which showcases The Crew's upcoming Wild Run expansion which was first... Read More


Two classic beauties coming to The Crew

Ivory Tower have announced that their huge open-world racer The Crew will be getting two additional classic... Read More


New patch coming next week for The Crew adds new car & features

Ivory Tower will be releasing a new patch for their open-world racer The Crew next week which adds a new... Read More


The Crew Wild Run Expansion adds bikes, monster trucks and...

Looks like those of you who haven't been clocking up many miles The Crew as of late may have the perfect... Read More


The Crew: upcoming faction changes detailed

Following the recent announcements of The Crew's upcoming new leagues and update patch, Ivory Tower have... Read More


Leagues and much more coming to The Crew

Ivory Tower have announced that their open-world racer The Crew will be getting new leagues to spice up... Read More


New cars coming to The Crew

It's been a little while since our last update on The Crew, so I'm happy to announce that Ivory Tower's... Read More


The Crew's 1.05 'Raid Live Update' goes live, Raid Pack adds three...

The Crew's latest 1.05 update has just gone live, bringing with it a host of new additions, the biggest of... Read More


Major patch coming to The Crew

Ivory Tower's open-world 'carpg' The Crew is set to benefit from a major patch which will go live on April... Read More


Test Drive The Crew in free 2 hour trial, Vintage Car Pack released

Fancy an extended Test Drive (see what we did there? Because Ivory Tower studio is largely comprised of... Read More


Is your Thrustmaster T300 or T80 wheel no longer working with The...

The other day I thought to myself "Hmm, it's been a long time since I've fired up The Crew. Why don't I... Read More


The Crew Speed Car Pack pulls in

Ubisoft's open world MMO racer The Crew has received a slew of new updates with the release of the Speed... Read More


The Crew Extreme DLC adds new cars, missions and mods

The Crew's first DLC expansion has arrived, adding a slew of new content including new cars, missions and... Read More


Ubisoft announces first car pack for The Crew

Ubisoft has revealed the first details on The Crew's inaugural car pack, which is set for release on 20th... Read More


The Crew patch improves Thrustmaster wheel compatibility

On release, playing The Crew with a wheel left a lot to be desired, with issues including input lag and... Read More


Road trippin': going coast to coast in The Crew East to West

The Crew's expansive open world recreation of the US is the perfect playground for extended road trips of... Read More


The Crew triple screen playthrough part 2

Our comprehensive coverage on The Crew continues in part 2 of Alan's video playthrough of the PC version in... Read More


How to optimise wheel compatibility for The Crew on consoles

For console users, playing The Crew with a wheel currently leaves a lot to be desired, to say the least.... Read More


Hitting the open road: The Crew first look triple screen PC gameplay...

Ubisoft's ambitious open world MMO racer The Crew is here at last, so what else could we do other than get... Read More


The Crew starts its engine in elaborate launch trailer

The wait is over: the final AAA racing game launch of the year is finally here, in what has been a hotly... Read More


The Crew console open beta starts next week

Following its recent closed beta on PS4 and Xbox One in which we gave out a bucketload of codes to you... Read More


Ubisoft outlines The Crew's Season Pass programme

The Crew publisher Ubisoft has revealed the first details on the game's Season Pass programme. Set to... Read More


The Crew: Console Beta Codes Giveaway

From the 6th to 10th of November 2014 we'll be seeing yet another beta test for The Crew.  Ubisoft are keen... Read More


Second closed beta for The Crew starts its engine next month on PS4...

Those of you itching to be let loose in The Crew's massive open world recreation of the US rejoice: another... Read More


The Crew delayed until December

Ubisoft's ambitious open world racer The Crew has been delayed on all formats, with a revised release date... Read More


The Crew beta starts its engine September 30th on PS4 and Xbox One

After its successful stint on PC, console owners will soon be able to get a chance to test drive Ivory... Read More


The Crew Beta, Codes Giveaway

The second Closed Beta for The Crew began yesterday, another opportunity for the developers to test out the... Read More


The Crew downshifting onto Xbox 360, no PS3 version planned

The Crew is being hailed as one of the first truly next-gen racing games, thanks to its... Read More


The Crew closed beta test brought forward to July 21st

The Crew publisher Ubisoft has confirmed the release date for the title's closed beta has been brought... Read More


LaFerrari becomes latest confirmed car for The Crew

The Crew publisher Ubisoft has confirmed an enticing new car for the open world racing game: Ferrari's... Read More


The Crew scheduled for November 11th release; closed beta to begin on...

Ubisoft has officially confirmed a November 11th release date for its upcoming 'CarPG' racing game, The... Read More


2015 Ford Mustang joins The Crew's car roster

Ubisoft has officially confirmed the latest car to feature in The Crew: the fifth-generation Ford Mustang... Read More


The Crew exclusive preview event gameplay - part 2

Alan presents some more exclusive footage of The Crew from the preview event held in Paris, with some... Read More


The Crew was written by former writers of Red Dead Redemption and...

With all the focus on The Crew's expansive open world map and crazy RPG car customisation, it's easy to... Read More


When Worlds Collide: hands-on with The Crew

In 2006, Eden Games’ revolutionary Test Drive: Unlimited pioneered the Massively Multiplayer Online Racing... Read More


CaRPG: Why The Crew is the Pokémon of car games

The size, scale and variety of The Crew’s open world USA is undeniably mesmerising. But what truly took me... Read More


The Crew exclusive preview event gameplay

Here it is, our first look at some brand new gameplay of Ubisoft's The Crew taken from a press preview... Read More


The Crew's open world is bigger than GTA V, Red Dead, Forza Horizon,...

To say that The Crew’s sprawling open world recreation of the entire US is mind-blowingly-massive is a... Read More


The Crew cruising onto consoles and PC Autumn 2014, new gameplay...

DriveClub isn't the the only next generation driving game playing hard-to-get, y'know. Ubisoft created... Read More


The Crew delayed until at least mid 2014

Ubisoft's ambitious next gen open world racer The Crew has been delayed until at least Spring 2014.... Read More


The Crew interview: creating limitless custom races in a seamless...

During our visit to Gamescom, Alan managed to speak with The Crew's Creative Director Julian Gerighty to... Read More


Cruising with The Crew: Gamescom gameplay video blowout

The unveiling of Ubisoft's ambitious open world driving game The Crew was one of the undisputed highlights... Read More


Who is this tall man celebrity playing The Crew?

We've finally done it. We've finally found another man of Alan's ginormouse stature who is willing to... Read More


The Crew action-packed E3 multiplayer gameplay

Ubisoft Reflection's Driver San Francisco featured some of the most refreshingly innovative open world... Read More


The Crew open world free roaming video reveals cockpit camera

It's fast becoming common knowledge that The Crew will put the 'massive' into massively multiplayer online... Read More


Ubosoft confirm inaugural batch of licensed cars for The Crew; first...

After its next-gen debut last week in Los Angeles, Ubosift has revealed the first post-E3 stats regarding... Read More

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