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GT Sport: Northern Isle Speedway gameplay & race

The Northern Isle Speedway track has become synonymous with GT Sport thanks to the numerous times the track...


Massive update for GT Sport updates physics, force feedback & more

Polyphony has today released a fresh new update for the Gran Turismo Sport beta. The update, which clocks...


First in-game footage of Porsche in Gran Turismo Sport released

The first official footage of Porsches in Gran Turismo Sport has been released by developer Polyphony...


GT Sport: future Porsche models to be unveiled in the 'near future'

Earlier this month we had the confirmation that Porsche will be coming to the Gran Turismo series at some...


Here's a look at a couple of the new tracks in GT Sport

GT Sport continues the long Gran Turismo tradition of adding new fictional tracks to the ever growing...


Latest GT Sport screenshots reveal three new tracks

Sony are keeping up the GT Sport momentum by releasing a new batch of screenshots which reveal not one, or...


Porsche confirmed for Gran Turismo Sport

Porsche will be making its first official appearance in a Gran Turismo game via Gran Turismo...


Gran Turismo Sport's European beta starts this Saturday

European Gran Turismo fans have had to wait patiently while those lucky select few US residents have been...


Blink and you'll miss the newly revealed GT Sport track

Even though GT Sport was first revealed quite some time ago, we still know surprisingly little with regards...


Here's more incredible looking GT Sport GIFs

We can't get enough of these beautiful animated GIFs originating from the GT Sport closed beta. Our latest...


These Gran Turismo Sport beta GIFs look so close to real life

With the GT Sport closed beta underway for those lucky few living in the US, the rest of us are left...


Rumour: GT Sport releasing next month

With the recent closed beta of Gran Turismo Sport underway, (well for those living in the US anyway) the...


GT Sport EU beta sign ups have re-opened, get in quick

The GT Sport EU closed beta sign ups have re-opened today so if you want any chance to participate in the...


GT Sport beta replay footage looks incredibly realistic

Those that were lucky enough to obtain Gran Turismo Sport closed beta access have been sampling the title...


Gran Turismo Sport closed beta coming soon

Polyphony has recently announced a closed beta for Gran Turismo Sport. Starting on 17th March, the closed...


TAG Heuer to be official time keeping partner for Gran Turismo Sport

The Swiss watchmaking firm and motorsports time keeper TAG Heuer has been confirmed as the official timing...


Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina unveiled at Geneva...

The Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina has been revealed at this year's Geneva Motor...


Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo to enter "limited production";...

The Pininfarina-styled Fittipaldi EF7 will be the first Vision Gran Turismo car to enter production as a...


GT Sport looks like it has a mode to rival ForzaVista

As many of you will know, ForzaVista is a mode found in recent Forza titles which enables players to walk...


Here's some GT Sport footage running on the PS4 Pro

The Taipei Game Show was recently held where members of the public were lucky enough to get their hands on...


Gran Turismo Sport will be showcased at the Tokyo Auto Salon

Gran Turismo Sport will be playable at the Tokyo Auto Salon event which will take place between January...


New GT Sport images highlight impressive lighting effects

A plethora of new GT Sport screenshots has been released by developer Polyphony Digital which gives us a...


Gran Turismo Sport will support 4K and HDR on PS4 Pro

You've probably forgotten, but the PlayStation 4 Pro is out in a matter of days. To be fair, we wouldn't...


Sony is apparently cancelling GT Sport digital pre-orders

Last week we learned that GT Sport's release date had been delayed to 2017 to give the developer Polyphony...

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