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: Evolution Studios
Publisher: Sony
Year: 2014
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Review score: 8/10

DriveClub represents the PS4's flagship exclusive racing game from the developers behind the previous generation's WRC series and MotorStorm. DriveClub aims to take car porn to an all-new level with obsessively detailed cars that fully utilise the PS4's high-end hardware and a seamless online social driving experience geared around car clubs - a concept that has existed in the minds of the developers for nine years. 

Latest News


DriveClub Lamborghini Icons DLC adding four legendary Lambos, V1.15...

It's that time of the month again, as DriveClub is about to unleash its monthly dose of DLC and content... Read More


DriveClub Review

It’s been a long and bumpy road for DriveClub, to say the least. What should have been the PS4’s premier... Read More


DriveClub Turbocharged Expansion Pack speeds onto PSN

Evolution certainly loves to keep us busy, as another truckload of new content has been unleashed into... Read More


DriveClub 1.14 update and Turbocharged Expansion deploying this week

The latest 1.14 update is set to deploy in DriveClub tomorrow on April 21st, bringing with it a host of... Read More


LaFerrari dropping into DriveClub this month

DriveClub remains the gift that keeps on giving. Each month we look forward to new helpings of car content... Read More


Project CARS vs. DriveClub: frame rate vs. fidelity

Comparing Project CARS to DriveClub seems like a futile exercise. Yes, both fall into the racing genre, but... Read More


Free DriveClub MotorStorm buggy released as April Fools DLC

We really didn't expect to see leaked videos of buggies invading DriveClub over the past week, which got a... Read More


MotorStorm buggies feature in DriveClub gameplay video

Remember those screenshots of buggies featured in DriveClub that surfaced last week? Further evidence has... Read More


DriveClub Lamborghini Expansion Pack launches

The much anticipated Lamborghini Expansion Pack has launched in DriveClub, adding four exquisite Lambos to... Read More


DriveClub developer Evolution Studios faces layoffs

DriveClub developers Evolution Studios, previously known for the PS2 WRC series and MotorStorm PS3 series,... Read More


Buggies bound for DriveClub?

You might not know it, but DriveClub represents something of a departure for Evolution. Back when the PS3... Read More


DriveClub now has replays

DriveClub's v1.12 has deployed, bringing with it a host of new note-worthy additions to Evolution's... Read More


DriveClub update 1.12 will add replays next week

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Evolution's post-release support of DriveClub has been... Read More


Lamborghini Expansion coming to DriveClub this month

Of all the requested missing manufacturers in DriveClub, Lamborghini has to be near the top. After-all,... Read More


DriveClub Downforce DLC expansion deploys

It's that time of the month again: yes, it's time for DriveClub's monthly portion of delicious DLC. This... Read More


Taming a tail-happy Enzo Ferrari in Driveclub's wet weather is not...

This week saw the release of yet another new free track in DriveClub with the winding Kobago circuit set in... Read More


DriveClub V1.11 update adds new Japan track, multiplayer mode and...

Strap yourself back into DriveClub, because the latest update has rolled out, and it's a hefty... Read More


VUHL 05 debuting in DriveClub this month in free download

By now you'll have hopefully digested all the details on DriveClub's Downforce DLC pack, which adds five... Read More


DriveClub February update and Downforce Expansion DLC detailed

Turns out our predictions were correct: the new car Evolution have been teasing this week for DriveClub has... Read More


Evolution tease new DriveClub car DLC in 242 mph speed test video

The next batch of DriveClub DLC is set to land this month, and Evolution have started to tease its unveil... Read More


DriveClub Apex Expansion pack deploys

DriveClub just keeps on getting better and better, as Apex Expansion pack has deployed adding five new... Read More


Icona Vulcano debuting in DriveClub this week

While DriveClub's biggest talking points have centered on the recently-added Japan location and the... Read More


DriveClub 1.10 update adds Japan location, improved AI and more

The latest V1.10 update for DriveClub has  deployed, adding the five new Japan tracks that Evolution have... Read More


DriveClub was the UK's best selling racing game of 2014

A definitive list has been released detailing the 100 best selling games of 2014, revealing that DriveClub... Read More


New DriveClub video reveals second Japan track and Enzo Ferrari

In the run-up to its forthcoming free update this month, Evolution has shared another DriveClub gameplay... Read More


Japan location coming to DriveClub in free update this month, new...

DriveClub's new Japan location has been fully revealed by Evolution in a new gameplay video showcasing a... Read More


Japan-themed DLC allegedly coming to DriveClub

A Japan-themed DLC pack is on the cards for DriveClub, according to a new teaser image. Uploaded to the... Read More


Mazzanti Evantra debuts in DriveClub

DriveClub received another dollop of DLC this week with the Redline Expansion and Elements Tour pack, but... Read More


DriveClub Redline DLC detailed: adds five new cars including first...

DriveClub continues to expand with the Redline DLC pack launching later this month on December 17th, adding... Read More


Sony and Evolution "embarrassed" over DriveClub's launch

DriveClub should have been the PS4's premium racing title at launch. Instead, it was a colossal car crash,... Read More


DriveClub weather update casts a storm

Playing DriveClub now is a decidedly different experience to playing it when it launched. Back then it was... Read More


DriveClub Updates Expected Tomorrow

Its been a tough time of late for the guys at Evolution, from the countless server issues to the impact on... Read More


DriveClub's Challenges mode restored

Some may argue it's too little too late, but, slowly but surely, DriveClub is starting to get back on... Read More


DriveClub's sales boosted up to 999% on Black Friday

DriveClub has had its fair share of bad press since its release thanks to its persistent server issues, so... Read More


New DriveClub trailer showcases Ignition Pack DLC

As revealed last week, disgruntled DriveClub owners will soon be compensated with free DLC after its... Read More


Sony discusses Driveclub debacle: "It's no fun being safe all the time"

The on-going DriveClub debacle has been covered to death by the media, as server issues still continue to... Read More


DriveClub update adds photo mode, free car DLC detailed

As promised, the DriveClub V1.07 update has deployed in a gargantuan download that's over 1GB, adding a... Read More


DriveClub owners to be compensated with free DLC, update to add...

DriveClub's disastrous launch has already been documented in detail. But over a month since its release,... Read More


DriveClub's Japan add-on revealed ahead of official announcement

An all-new racing location for DriveClub has been leaked, via a user-generated video of a recent showcase... Read More


DriveClub Plus Edition postponed "until further notice"

Yikes. The on-going DriveClub debacle has been documented to death, but you know the situation is getting... Read More


DisasterClub: picking up the pieces from the DriveClub debacle

DriveClub’s launch has been a colossal car crash, to put it politely. Nearly three weeks on, and after all... Read More


DriveClub getting "significant server update" in next 24 hours

Over two weeks have passed since DriveClub launched off the line, only to stall spectacularly. At the... Read More


"Majority" of DriveClub players can now connect online as server...

The DriveClub server debacle has certainly been a hot topic in the gaming industry as of late. It had... Read More


DriveClub 1.04 patch improves online functionality

Another day, another day of despair for disgruntled DriveClub players eager to create their clubs and get... Read More


Driveclub servers "making steady progress", still no sign of Plus...

DriveClub's on-going server issues have been driving its patient PS4 players around the bend lately, having... Read More


DriveClub's servers already "hitting their performance limits"

DriveClub's dedicated servers are already running at their maximum capacity, developer Evolution Studios... Read More


DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition postponed

Oh dear. It's safe to say the long-delayed DriveClub hasn't exactly got off to a flying start.  It finally... Read More


Driveclub 'All Action' trailer gears up for launch

it feels like an eternity since we first reported on DriveClub during its unveiling at E3 2013, but the... Read More


DriveClub wheel compatibility confirmed

In the run-up to its release next week, Sony has confirmed which wheels will be compatible with DriveClub.... Read More


DriveClub steelbook available for pre-order

Buying games used to be so simple: remember when you only had one definitive edition choose from with a new... Read More


DriveClub's full car list revealed, 50 cars at launch and 10...

With less than a month to go until the highly-anticipated DriveClub roars onto PS4, Game Director Paul... Read More


DriveClub PS4 bundles announced for Europe, includes white glacier PS4

If you're a racing game fan pining over buying a PS4, chances are you've been holding off until the release... Read More


DriveClub will require 17GB of disk space, would be bigger than a...

The wait for a first party racing game is nearly for patient PS4 players, as DriveClub will finally be... Read More


Mercedes-AMG GT to make racing game debut in DriveClub

The upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT supercar will be making its racing game debut in DriveClub, Mercedes-Benz has... Read More


DriveClub hands-on Gamescom gameplay videos parts 1 - 3

If we're being honest, DriveClub's showing at last year's Gamescom was a tad underwhelming. For all its... Read More


DriveClub Gamescom trailer reveals new cars and dynamic weather

After being curiously absent at E3 this year, the long-delayed DriveClub had a star showing at Gamescom, as... Read More


DriveClub Special Edition revealed

Turns out Project CARS wasn't the only racing game to get the limited edition treatment today. Not to be... Read More


DriveClub PS4 bundle announced, dynamic weather showcased

Last year, DriveClub was set to be one of the PS4's key launch titles. As we know, this didn't happen, and... Read More


New DriveClub screenshots rain on Forza Horizon 2's parade

Move over Forza Horizon 2: DriveClub can do fancy rain effects too, y'know. Or at least that's the message... Read More


Pushing the senses: DriveClub's engine sounds will blow you away

Much has been made of DriveClub's visual prowess. However, this new tasty trailer tries to convince you... Read More


DriveClub raw race gameplay videos are visually dazzling

Back in November, Evolution Studios started to release some teasingly short snippets of raw DriveClub... Read More


DriveClub's micro-transactions detailed

DriveClub just can't seem to steer away from controversy. It's the news everyone didn't want to hear: as is... Read More


DriveClub trailers outline Clubs, Face-offs and Challenges

DriveClub may have set the visual bar for PS4 racing games, (at least until Project CARS pulls alongside... Read More


Sony backtracks on DriveClub PS+ Edition upgrade policy

DriveClub PS+ Edition players who upgrade to the full version of the game will now be able to keep the game... Read More


DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition fully detailed

Evolution Studios has outlined exactly what we can expect from DriveClub Plus Edition, a free-to-play... Read More


DriveClub PS+ Edition will "only have ten cars" from launch

The PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub will "only have ten cars" available to access in the game, game... Read More


DriveClub will run at 30fps and 1080p

DriveClub made its triumphant return yesterday, and yet there's still many questions that remained... Read More


DriveClub release date officially confirmed for October 2014, new...

Finally. It's the announcement PS4 players have been waiting patiently for: the confirmation of that most... Read More


DriveClub release date, details and videos expected "in the weeks to...

Get ready to start your engines PS4 players, because the wait for a racing game that isn't Need for Speed... Read More


DriveClub's Game Director clarifies 2014 release, wheel support and...

It's all been a bit doom and gloom for Driveclub lately with on-going delays and redundancies, so it makes... Read More


DriveClub parking on PS4 June 12th according to Dell

Sony is still remaining resolutely silent on DriveClub's whereabouts, which has become cause for concern... Read More


DriverClub's former Game Director explains why he departed Evolution...

The departure of DriveClub's Game Director Col Rogers painted a bleak picture for the state of the... Read More


DriveClub making 'spectacular progress,' release date to be...

Sony has formally responded to concerns over DriveClub's development following the layoffs at Evolution... Read More


DriveClub's game director departs from Evolution Studios

DriveClub game director Col Rodgers has confirmed his departure from developer Evolution... Read More


Evolution Studios face layoffs; DriveClub's development unaffected

The on-going saga of DriveClub's delayed release shifted up a gear with the unstelling news today that... Read More


DriveClub delayed until late September?

Yes, it's once again time for the latest guestimate on DriveClub's due date. So far we've had February,... Read More


Sony has gone ‘Back to the Drawing Board’ to make DriveClub...

Sony's silence on DriveClub is starting to leave a bad taste in PS4's player's mouths. Indeed, there's only... Read More


Is DriveClub just around the corner? New source suggests April release

We've been here before, haven't we? Yes, it's the on-going debacle that is DriveClub's eventual release... Read More


Was DriveClub delayed to showcase Sony's VR Headset?

The whereabouts of the PS4's premiere social racing game DriveClub is becoming one of the great gaming... Read More


DriveClub possibly delayed until June, leaked internal video reveals...

Poor PS4 players have been patiently waiting for DriveClub following its delay until early 2014, but a... Read More

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