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: Evolution Studios
Publisher: Sony
Year: 2014
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Review score: 8/10

DriveClub represents the PS4's flagship exclusive racing game from the developers behind the previous generation's WRC series and MotorStorm. DriveClub aims to take car porn to an all-new level with obsessively detailed cars that fully utilise the PS4's high-end hardware and a seamless online social driving experience geared around car clubs - a concept that has existed in the minds of the developers for nine years. 

Latest News


Driveclub VR Edition rated by ESRB

Despite the recent closure of Evolution Studios, the dev team that brought us Driveclub among other racing... Read More


Driveclub: Drifting in the rain video

We take Driveclub for a spin and try our best to drift a number of cars in wet conditions for some fun. We... Read More


DriveClub's Finish Line Expansion hinted at Evolution Studios' closure

This month's DriveClub DLC installment is eerily poignant. Afterall, this is most likely the last set of... Read More


Sony shuts down DriveClub developer Evolution Studios

Say it isn't so: Sony has shut down Evolution Studios, the Runcorn-based racing game developer best known... Read More


The 1500bhp Koenigsegg Regera debuts in DriveClub

Last month we reported that the Koenigsegg Regera was going to feature in a future racing game. As we... Read More


Driveclub's March update includes new level caps, better drift...

Evolution Studios have deployed their March update for the ever improving and expanding... Read More


Driveclub: Old Town city track & hardcore mode gameplay

Our second Driveclub video featuring the new city tracks puts its focus on the Old Town 01 track... Read More


We check out Driveclub's new city course on two wheels

We take to the freshly added Old Town 02 course in Driveclub, and give it a play through using a Yamaha R1... Read More


Driveclub's February update arriving tomorrow with free tracks,...

After much teasing from Evolution, DriveClub's massive February update has been detailed in full - and it's... Read More


DriveClub getting new Hardcore Handling mode in February update

DriveClub is getting a surprise new hardcore mode, as part of a forthcoming update in February. Revealed... Read More


DriveClub Bikes Review

There have been plenty of surprises during DriveClub’s exemplary post-release support that have kept us... Read More


DriveClub Bikes discounted in PSN January sale

Remember when DriveClub was reduced to just £7.99 and £9.99 with the season pass last month in the PSN... Read More


Driveclub Bikes - Skill events gameplay

We boot up Driveclub and more specifically it's Bikes expansion to sample some of the skill events the game... Read More


DriveClub is only £9.99 with season pass on PSN right now

If you still don't have DriveClub, you really have no excuse at this price. As part of the PSN's Winter... Read More


Free DriveClub PS4 theme released

As if to iterate the point that DriveClub is the gift that keeps on giving, Evolution Studios has given... Read More


New city tracks coming to DriveClub in 2016

Without a doubt, DriveClub has been one of the best supported games in recent memory, with regular updates... Read More


Driveclub's final 9 sprint tracks released & new 2016 tease coming...

Driveclub has been updated today to include the final nine sprint tracks and Evolution have also got us in... Read More


Driveclub's December update includes new vehicles, easy mode and...

Driveclub's massive December update has been released and it brings with it a plethora of... Read More


DriveClub Season Pass available for half price in PlayStation Store sale

DriveClub's Season Pass is now available for players to purchase at a heavily discounted price, courtesy of... Read More


DriveClub getting tyre deformation next month, new tracks in 2016

Oh Evolution, you do love to spoil us. Despite being released over a year ago, the diligent developer is... Read More


Driveclub got just a little prettier with the last update

Driveclub had a very slight graphical enhancement in its recent update but it was so minor you would be... Read More


Driveclub Bikes: helmet cam race with rain

We take to the Norwegian SKNO 3 track to try our hand at some biking action in Driveclub. We take part in... Read More


Driveclub Bikes handling test video

We get to grips with the recently released Driveclub Bikes expansion and have a play around with the KTM... Read More


DriveClub Bikes is getting a free EBR Expansion this month

Evolution Studios is fast becoming known as the developer that just keeps on giving. No sooner has the... Read More


Private lobbies coming to DriveClub next week in free update

It's the update DriveClub fans have been requesting since launch: Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has... Read More


DriveClub VR demo shown at Paris Games Week

Turns out DriveClub Bikes wasn't the only surprise reveal from Evolution at Sony's Paris Games Week. During... Read More


Driveclub Bikes first look gameplay with the Yamaha R1

We take our first look at the newly released “Driveclub Bikes” expansion for the Playstation 4 exclusive... Read More


Driveclub Bikes expansion rides onto PSN

As hinted earlier today, a surprise new DriveClub Bike expansion has been unveiled at Sony's Paris Games... Read More

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