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News Driveclub VR looks and feels amazing according to these guys


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Driveclub VR was officially announced a few days back at Gamescom following the Japan leak last month.

Driveclub VR interior Volkswagen Playstation VR virtual realityDavid Jackson from PlayStation Access got a hands on with the VR title at Gamescom and was very impressed from the off stating “it looks incredible in VR” and “it's like being in a real car”. In particular Jackson was impressed with the incredibly detailed interior which really comes alive in virtual reality.

Virtual reality in the racing genre is particularly effective as you are not only in a seated position but when using a racing wheel you also have something physical to hold onto which really helps with the feeling of immersion, couple that with the force feedback from the T300 RS used here and the sensation can trick the body into thinking you are driving for real as felt by Pearson.

Not only did it feel immersive but the VR experience also helped Pearson to drive in the game stating that he has never driven as well in a driving game before. No doubt the experience made him a better driver due to the increased visibility, which aided with judging distances and things feel more intuitive and instinctive which will no doubt help players better judge braking points and find those apexes all the more easier.

Take a look at the Driveclub VR video below.

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