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F1 2013 Schumacher Racing Estoril - PC Triple Screen Gaming

Another week, another F1 2013 video, this time taking a spin in the ’96 Ferrari driven by Michael... Read More


F1 2013 GoPro Nigel Mansell Monaco Race

We've finally got the Team VVV test rig up and running and so its time to kick off with some gaming. And... Read More


Sony slashes racing game prices in temporary February PS Store sale

Sony has heavily reduced the prices for a number of the racing game currently listed on the PlayStation... Read More


F1 2013 Hot Lap Trailer - Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace (Brazilian...

Codemasters has released what's expected to be its last F1 2013 gameplay video for this year, in the form... Read More


F1 2013 Hot Lap Trailer - Circuit of the Americas (US Grand Prix)

With the penultimate race of the 2013 Formula One season upon us this weekend, Codemasters has released... Read More


F1 2013 Hot Lap - Yas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi Grand Prix)

Whilst Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing have both won their respective championships, we've still three... Read More


F1 2013 Hot Lap - Buddh International Circuit (India GP)

F1 2013 may have been on store shelves for the past few weeks, but that hasn't stopped Codemasters from... Read More


Classic '90s content now available for F1 2013

Codemasters' decision to split F1 2013 in two different flavours wasn't very well received by its fanbase.... Read More


F1 2013 Review

F1 2013. It’s likely you’ve all seen the trailers, read about all the details; perhaps even completed a... Read More


Alan interviews F1 commentator David Croft

While promoting F1 2013, Codemasters enlisted renowned SKY Sports F1 Commentator David Croft to ferry Alan... Read More


Classic Lotus 100T and F1 2013 roll up at HMV Oxford Street

To mark today's launch of Codemasters Racing's F1 2013 game, HMV is hosting a Formula1-themed celebratory... Read More


Codemasters releases F1 2013 Korea Hot Lap trailer

With only a sleep to go before F1 2013 officially goes on sale in the UK, Codemasters has released the... Read More


Codemasters 'talking to teams about sharing physics data'; 60fps...

Even though Codemasters's final seventh-gen-only Formula One game F1 2013 is yet to be released,Andy Gray -... Read More


Fresh new F1 2013 team screenshots cover all bases

With just 10 days left before F1 2013 reaches the chequeredflag on October 4th, Codemasters have unleashed... Read More


F1 2013 Gameplay - Laps of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Monaco and Buddh...

We've got some more F1 2013 gameplay for you all, and this time it's a trilogy of one-lap ventures in three... Read More


Niki Lauda's 1976 Ferrari 312 T2 in F1 2013 for Codemasters RaceNet...

Codemasters Racing has confirmed a rather enticing incentive to sign up to its RaceNet service: the gifting... Read More


F1 2013 Gameplay - 'Hill vs Schumacher' Commentary, Multi-view...

We've got some more gameplay videos of F1 2013's much-reported Classic content, and this one's a particular... Read More


Watch F1 2013's new Estoril track in action on a DBox

If you want a special setup for playing F1 2013 that provides unbridled immersion, this has to be it:  all... Read More


F1 2013 Gameplay: Thrashing Irvine's Ferrari around Brands Hatch &...

We're on a bit of an F1 2013 roll here at Team VVV - after sampling Mansell's Williams on a rather sodden... Read More


F1 2013 Monza Hotlap gameplay trailer

Another weekend, another Grand Prix looms. Which can only mean one thing: yes, it's time for another... Read More


F1 2013 hot lap video showcases classic Jerez circuit

Codemasters continue their cavalcade of F1 2013 hot lap videos, this time showcasing some more classic... Read More


Hands-on with F1 2013's Scenario mode

In our final F1 2013 Gamescom gameplay video, we return to the classic content with a first look at the... Read More


F1 2013 Gamescom gameplay: Ferrari at Monza

With Codemasters concentrating on promoting F1 2013's classic content, we've seen very little coverage on... Read More


Interview: F1 2013 is "the start point for F1 classics"

Alan sat down with Game Director Paul Jeal and Communications Manager Andy Gray to discuss F1 2013's... Read More


F1 2013 Gamescom gameplay - first look at Brands Hatch

Gamescom was something of a driving haven for racing games fans, featuring all the big titles we have to... Read More


F1 2013 Hotlap Spa Francorchamps Gameplay Trailer

It's the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend, and to commemorate the momentous occasion Codemasters have... Read More


No Online Pass required for F1 2013

Codemasters have confirmed that an online pass will not be required to access F1 2013's online... Read More


F1 2013 racing to retail this October, Hungary hot lap gameplay...

After its initial announcement last week, Codemasters have now confirmed that F1 2013, the follow-up to... Read More

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