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News F1 2013 Gameplay – Laps of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Monaco and Buddh International (India)


James Allen


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Game: F1 2013

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 04/10/2013

We've got some more F1 2013 gameplay for you all, and this time it's a trilogy of one-lap ventures in three of the game's contemporary Formula One cars.

The three tracks we've got lined up are Sao Paulo (home to the Brazilian Grand Prix), Monaco (no introduction needed) and India's Buddh International Circuit, and all three clips has the usual commentary from Alan, going over his first impressions on these initial hands-on races.


Whilst more play time is needed to form a definitive judgement on the game, it does seem that Codemasters hasn't ignored the 2013 cars and tracks in favour of the headline-grabbing classic content, with seemingly improved visuals and tweaks to the physics when compared with last year's game.

And, with the release date being just over a fortnight away, expect to see some more footage and coverage of F1 2013 in the coming days, so do keep checking back to the Team VVV site for more news on all things to do with racing games.

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