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News Codemasters ‘talking to teams about sharing physics data’; 60fps expected for F1 2014


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Game: F1 2013

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 04/10/2013

Even though Codemasters's final seventh-gen-only Formula One game F1 2013 is yet to be released,Andy Gray – Codemasters's Communicaton Manager – has already been discussing some new features and possibilities for next year's title.

Speaking to Sportra, Gray revealed his studio has been "talking to a couple of teams about sharing their kind of physics data", giving the development team a further insight into how a real life F1 car behaves, and how much of that they can replicate in the game on new consoles.

This data, according to Codies' Communication Manager, will allow the dev team "to more or less port that over to the consoles, which wouldn't be possible with current-gen".

Gray also confirmed that 60 frames per second – a trend that's soon to become an industry norm with the advent of the PS4 and Xbox One – is to be an expected feature for F1 2014.

More details were also mentioned on this year's title, showcasing Codemasters Birmingham attempting to cater to both the top-end players and those who need that little bit of assistance when being weaned off the assists – not only were tweaks and new additions to difficulty modes confirmed for F1 2013, but it's now possible for players to alter the brake assist feature from "Low", "Medium" and "High", in order to help players who struggle with braking points and the such.

With the finished product set to hit store shelves in the next week or so, expect to see these referenced features, along with extensive written and video coverage, on the Team VVV news page, so do keep checking back to the site!

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