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Developer: Slightly Mad Studios
Year: 2015
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Steam OS

Slightly Mad Studio's Project CARS aims to set new standards for photorealistic graphics and in-depth physics, which has been achieved with an unconventional crowdfunded business model that provides unparalleled freedom away from publisher constraints. 

Latest News


Project CARS stays in pole position for second week in UK charts

Despite some stiff competition, Project CARS has managed to hold on to the top spot in the UK weekly charts... Read More


Project CARS - Lotus 98T at Monza, PC gameplay (All Assists Off,...

We amp up the difficulty in our latest Project CARS video by taking on the classic Lotus 98T around Monza.... Read More


Project CARS - Formula C Brands Hatch, PC Gameplay

Following our recent Project CARS PC gameplay video we have even more Formula C racing action for you. This... Read More


Project CARS: Formula C Cadwell Park PC gameplay

Alan takes to the Cadwell Park track in a Formula C racing car in our latest Project CARS gameplay video.... Read More


Project CARS' primary platform is PS4 according to initial sales

Since its launch last week, Project CARS has had a successful start, parking at the number one spot in the... Read More


Project CARS: Then and now

Four years in the making, Project CARS is finally with us. Holding a real physical copy still feels... Read More


Project CARS debuts in top spot in UK charts

According to Chart-Track, the newly released Project CARS from Slightly Mad Studios has raced to the top of... Read More


Ashley Sutton joins Project CARS' Young Driver Initiative

Ashley Sutton becomes the third ever driver to take part in Project CARS' Young Driver Initiative... Read More


Project CARS: SMS-R Driver Network Championship Season launches

Slightly Mad Studios have launched their SMS-R Driver Network Championship today for their newly released... Read More


Project CARS: free Community Livery Pack 1 out now

You can download the free Community Livery Pack 1 right now for Project CARS. The pack contains ten brand... Read More


Lykan Hypersport released as free download for Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios has released the first of what promises to be several free car downloads for Project... Read More


Project CARS PS4 gameplay: Ruf GT3 Race with 100% AI difficulty

Our latest Project CARS Playstation 4 gameplay video follows a gruelling 10 lap race in the Ruf RGT-8 GT3.... Read More


Project CARS 2 is already in the pipeline, Rallycross to be a...

Project CARS hasn't even crossed the finish line yet in some territories, but internal talks about its... Read More


Project CARS: Wheel and FOV PS4 Gameplay Video

With the release of Project CARS we believe that many of you will be racing with a wheel for the very first... Read More


Project CARS exclusive Xbox One gameplay - final preview

Below Alan takes a final look at the Xbox One preview version of Project CARS, it's worth noting that this... Read More


Taking a close look at Project CARS' Driver Network Profile screen

Representing the fourth pillar of Project CARS' four ways to play the game (Career, Solo, Online and... Read More


Unboxing the Project CARS PS4 Limited Edition Steelbook

With the much anticipated release of Project CARS this week comes the obligatory limited edition. Available... Read More


Project CARS: rain delays play in Australia & New Zealand

The recent severe storms in Sydney, Australia, have caused flooding in some areas. One such area was the... Read More


Project CARS: Exploring the PS4 Control Pad Modes and Options

Being a thoroughbred simulation, Project CARS is a demanding driving game for PS4 players more accustomed... Read More


Project CARS Official Launch Trailer

Well it had to come sooner or later, and after some four years of development we finally get to see the... Read More


Project CARS PS4 60fps gameplay: California Highway Day to Night race

The coastal California highway track is one of the most visually stunning tracks in Project CARS. A long... Read More


Project CARS Retro Touring Car class revealed

Retro Touring Cars have been confirmed as the final car class revealed for Project CARS. Several iconic... Read More


Project CARS PS4 60fps gameplay: Road America race with 37 cars

As we draw ever-closer to the much-anticipated release of Project CARS, we're still hard at work blowing... Read More


Project CARS' official car list revealed

Slightly Mad Studios have just revealed the official car list for their upcoming racer Project CARS. The... Read More


Project CARS 60fps PS4 gameplay: taming the Formula Rookie at Donnington

Formula Fords, or Formula Rookies as they're known in Project CARS, are an ideal entry point to the world... Read More


Project CARS exclusive PS4 gameplay: Racing into the night at Imola

As a showcase of its visual prowess, DriveClub's day/night transitions continue to impress. But guess what?... Read More


Exploring Project CARS' PS4 graphical effects and visual options

In many ways, Project CARS is a unique entity on console. While many of its selling points are expected in... Read More


Project CARS exclusive PS4 helmet cam 60fps gameplay videos

What's that, you say? You want more Project CARS PS4 gameplay? Oh, go on then. Don't say we don't spoil... Read More


Bandai Namco and Explore Learning to launch 'CAR of the Future'...

Bandai Namco have teamed up with Explore Learning, the leading provider of English and maths tuition, to... Read More


Project CARS 'The World is Yours' multiplayer trailer

Slightly Mad Studios have kept the momentum going for Project CARS by releasing a new multiplayer trailer... Read More


Project CARS exclusive PS4 preview gameplay: see the near-final...

The wait is nearly over: Project CARS, one of the most anticipated racing games in years, is racing off the... Read More


Project CARS exclusive PS4 gameplay: RUF in the rain

While our last look at Project CARS on PS4 showcased the game's impressive wealth of racing classes and a... Read More


Gameseek selling Project CARS from just £20

Right now you can pre-order Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming racer Project CARS from as little as £20.... Read More


Project CARS Become a legend trailer

The hype for Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming racer Project CARS is growing by the day, the game is only just... Read More


Project CARS has PC-like graphics settings on consoles

By now we all know about Project CARS' stunning visual prowess, but it's now been revealed that the console... Read More


Project CARS full track list unveiled: 30 locations and over 110 tracks

Ahead of its much anticipated release on May 8th, Slightly Mad Studios has revealed the complete track list... Read More


Project CARS confirmed for May 8th 2015 release

Project CARS will be officially go on sale on May 8th 2015, distributor Bandai Namco has... Read More


Project CARS Xbox One first look gameplay

Following hot on the heels of our PS4 Project Cars update yesterday, we finally have our first footage of... Read More


Project CARS PS4 video preview: exclusive 43 car race gameplay

Project CARS has seen several delays over the past few months; in some cases it feels like we’ve been... Read More


Project CARS is 900p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

Oh dear. The console fanboy wars have reignited, as Slightly Mad Studios has now confirmed that Project... Read More


Renault Sport hot hatches feature in latest Project CARS trailer

With Project CARS now roughly only one month away (providing it doesn't get delayed again, of course), you... Read More


Project CARS vs. DriveClub: frame rate vs. fidelity

Comparing Project CARS to DriveClub seems like a futile exercise. Yes, both fall into the racing genre, but... Read More


The Lykan Hypersport will be Project CARS' first monthly free car

Slightly Mad Studios has announced that players can look forward to a free car in Project CARS every month,... Read More


Project CARS release rescheduled to mid-May 2015

The retail release of Project CARS has been pushed back by another two months, developer Slightly Mad... Read More


Project CARS lets you carve your own career path

Much has been made of Project CARS' perpetual prettiness, diverse car roster and sophisticated simulation... Read More


Project CARS release postponed to April 2015

The release of Project CARS has been pushed back by another two weeks, publisher Bandai Namco has... Read More


Project CARS Exclusive Playstation 4 Gameplay Videos

Last week we revealed our first exclusive selection of Project Cars gameplay videos focusing primarily on... Read More


Project CARS Exclusive Playstation 4 Gameplay

Project CARS is less than two months from release and on 20th March it’s going be one of the biggest... Read More


First Project CARS Xbox One screenshots released, 60 fps confirmed

So far, all of the screenshots and video coverage surrounding the perpetually pretty Project CARS have... Read More


New Project CARS karting screenshots released

Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has released new screenshots of the racing game's karting... Read More


Project CARS Halloween trailer shows scary nighttime Nurburgring racing

The notorious Nurburgring is one of the scariest tracks in the world, a perilous 14 mile course spanning... Read More


Project CARS release date pushed back to March 2015

UPDATE: Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has officially confirmed the title's released will be... Read More


Having a blast at Brands Hatch

The talented team at Slightly Mad Studios are on a mission: to make Project CARS as true to life as... Read More


Project CARS Brands Hatch media day highlights

The ambitious team at Slightly Mad Studios are on a mission: to make Project CARS as true to life as... Read More


Project CARS scheduled for UK release on 21 November

Project CARS will be released in the UK on 21 November, according to the British video game retailer... Read More


Aston Martin racing cars confirmed for Project CARS

A selection of Aston Martin's past and present racing vehicles will be coming to Project CARS, developer... Read More


Project CARS open wheel PS4 gameplay - Gamescom 2014

We've seen plenty of Project CARS on its home PC platform where it truly shines, but we've yet to see how... Read More


Project CARS Limited Edition and pre-order pack detailed

It's been a long time, but Project CARS' hotly anticipated November launch is nearer. And now, just to make... Read More


Project CARS's dynamic weather effects previewed in latest screenshots

Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has showcased the title's weather effect features in a new... Read More


Project CARS wheel compatibility list unveiled

Update: this list has been updated to reflect Fanatec's recent PS4 and Xbox One compatibility... Read More


Bandai NAMCO confirmed as Project CARS distributor

Bandai NAMCO has been confirmed as the official distributor for Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming racing game,... Read More


24 Hours of Le Mans content coming to Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios has announced a partnership with Automobile Club de l’Ouest to bring the 24 Hours of... Read More


Slightly Mad Studios sums up Project CARS's career mode

Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has rounded-up some of the more important elements of the... Read More


Beyond beautiful: Project CARS E3 trailer starts its engine on PS4

Despite currently being the only racing game to support Project Morpheus, Project CARS sadly didn't get a... Read More


Project CARS to be a playable title at E3 2014

Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed a playable demo of the game will be featured at... Read More


McLaren P1 makes Project CARS debut in Build 731

The latest development build for Project CARS - headlined by the mighty McLaren P1 hypercar - has been... Read More


Indianapolis 500 confirmed for Project CARS

Slightly Mad Studios has confirmed the Indianapolis 500 motor race will feature in its upcoming driving... Read More


Slightly Mad Studios details Project CARS' GT racing discipline

More information regarding Project CARS' GT racers and events has been released by developer Slightly Mad... Read More


Slightly Mad Studios details Project CARS' singleplayer modes

Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios has announced the first in-depth details on the game's various... Read More


Slightly Mad Studios reveals yet more Project CARS PS4 previews

Following on from last week's inaugural images of Project CARS on the PS4, Slightly Mad Studios has... Read More


First official Project CARS screenshots on PS4 emerge

The first ever previews of Project CARS on the PS4 have been officially revealed by Slightly Mad Studios... Read More


Ford Mustang GT licencing & Project Morpheus compatibility confirmed...

The all-new Ford Mustang GT and 'Project Morpheus' support will feature in Project CARS, developer Slightly... Read More


Ford Mustang Trans-Am, Audi R8 V10 plus & R8 GT3 make Project CARS...

A trio of all-new road and racing cars for Project CARS headlines the latest weekly update build for... Read More


Audi septet inbound for Project CARS

A set of seven Audi road and racing cars will be featured in Project CARS, developer Slightly Mad Studios... Read More


BMW 1 Series M Coupe makes Project CARS debut in Build 679

Roughly a fortnight on from the Ruf CTR3's debut in Project CARS, developer Slightly Mad Studios has added... Read More


Slightly Mad Studios announces Bentley licence for Project CARS

The two most recent Bentley racing cars will be coming to Project CARS, courtesy of Slightly Mad Studios'... Read More


Ruf CTR3 added to Project CARS in latest weekly build update

Ruf's CTR3 mid-engined super sports car makes its Project CARS debut, in this week's build update for the... Read More


Trio of Radical sports cars inbound for Project CARS

Three of the Radical Sportscar company's road and racing cars will eventually be added to Project CARS'... Read More


Project CARS gets first official trailer

With this week's surprising announcement of Slightly Mad Studio's free-to-play MMO World of Speed coming... Read More


New pretty Project CARS screenshots showcase legendary Lotus 72D...

Ready for some more photogenic Project CARS eye candy? Slightly Mad Studios has just revealed the 78th... Read More

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