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Thanks for all of the questions guys, I’ve added them to the OP for inclusion. Can you all say hello in the new members section https://www.teamvvv.com/forums/forum/f-a-q/ would be great to learn more about your racing gaming passions.

Don’t forget about Michelle Mouton, in 1985 she was overall winner at Pikes Peak which seemed to really get under Bobby Unser’s skin and he wasn’t being quiet about it, her response was to simply state “If you have the balls you can try to race me back down as well.”

On the subject of Group B and handbrakes, the early Quattros could do handbrake turns, but the co-driver had to pull a lever that would unlock the centre differential solving the problem of locking all four wheels up.

Now regarding DR2.0, Alan, I’ve seen it in the footage you’ve uploaded and it’s something that has been driving me bonkers since the EA period for DR1, I know it’s a rather fickle thing but the wipers just randomly wiping does my head in.

Thanks Bob, all of those rally guys had huge balls, those cars were lethal.

Interesting about the handbrake, I’ll be sure to investigate that further.

Added your question about wipers to the OP.

I hope that this new Dirt rally 2.0 is a step towards the hardcore simulation, an upgrade of the first Dirt rally, without falling into the ridicule of presenting two special stages long at each rally, then shorten, change the name, crossing the two directions. I hope there are no more problems of rebound than the first Dirt rally (example: the gravel brought back in galles, touch with the back or front = fly on mars).

Thanks for this feedback Alessandro, what you’ve written in this post is more of a statement rather than clear questions. If you can just list those as clear concise questions, it’ll be much easier to get answers to specific aspects.