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That’s an excellent question and I’ve added it to the OP. I confess I had no idea about this handbrake issue, will certainly make the Group B cars more interesting to drive. It seems like some cars may have had a handbrake but diff settings in the cars made the use of it unworkable in some cases depending on how the car was set-up. I’ll be sure to ask the developer the question.

Thank you, Alan!

On the bolded:
I remember Walter Röhrl mentioning how hard it was for him to adapt to the AWD Audi. He was already a two-time world champion and tried to force his old driving style on the Audi, giving up after excessive training, when he was just too slow. Before the Audi, he only ever used his right foot for braking and now not only had to learn left foot braking, but also switching it up, sometimes left, sometimes right foot braking.