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    Hi – I admit to being new to SimRacing and WRC. I splurged on Fanatec wheels, pedals, shifter, brake etc. but I am having trouble with Controller detection at startup.

    In the case of F1 2019, I get the “No Controller Setup detected” error but I can ignore it as it did let me setup and map my Fanatec controllers. In the case of Dirt Rally 2.0 I get very sporadic controller detection and it does not seem to remember my settings.

    In the case of WRC 8, it doesn’t see the Fanatec controllers, even though it sees my Gamepad controller and my Thrustmaster Flightstick.

    All controllers are setup and working in Windows 10 and all the controllers work in different games. My specific question is where the WRC8 controller settings are in a file and perhaps I can clone some settings file from another game.

    Thanks for the help!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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