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    Over the past year I’ve been keenly following the development of the Quarter Arcade range, starting with the Pac Man cabinet. This originally felt like a one-off, then as the cabinet design was refined, tested and perfected it became clear that this was just the start of something special. Following the release of Pac Man, the reveal and release of Ms Pac Man, Galaga, and Galaxian all followed swiftly after. Classic Namco titles that have stood the test of time, their brands arguably as big as they’ve ever been. This is fuelling a growth in retro gaming interest and it is an area I’m deeply passionate about, it’s where my interest in gaming started and as the range develops I’ll keep this OP updated with the latest updates to the range.

    Last week I visited the Numskull HQ to learn a bit more about their plans besides a proper hands-on all four of the currently available cabs.

    You can purchase the cabs directly from Geek Store http://bit.ly/2D3G7lx

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