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Pretty much the same thoughts from me.
For a season opener, it felt, small.

“Tunnel” is a fitting word for it. A lot of the environment around the track was blocked off. So you could barely make out anything of the location, or points of reverence from camera shots.

The use of the halo lights clearly displaying cars in “attack mode” is a good touch. Great for knowing at a glance when watching the action.
But the activation lines should have been more visually distinctive. Ideally it shouldn’t need an AR arrow pointing down on it at all times. But I guess that will be pushing what they’re allowed to do for temporary markings on a public road. Though maybe it wasn’t helped by the marshal’s post breaking up the barriers signifying the zone, or the camera angle.

As for car colours looking similar, I think car manufacturers are going to have to learn that they can’t ALL be using “grey/silver with light-blue” to market their electric brands. I understand its apparently the public consensus that those colours are associated with “electric” (I’m sure they’ve done their focus testing). But then there’s nothing to set one apart from the rest. I’m hoping someone comes along and does something that grabs peoples’ attention and imagination.

Although that’s part of a bigger issue I have currently with the assumption electrics cars have to look a certain way.
No, they don’t. If anything they allow for more design freedom due to more flexibility with packaging. But I digress. 😛