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I think its been a good yer overall, more of a battle at the front with a mix of winners from the top 6 and some good mid-field action as well. For all of the media waffle, Mercedes are still the strongest tea by some margin but Ferrari are closing the gap, as are Redbull.

McLaren started the year well but switched development to the 2019 car back in May, making the rest of a year a never-ending test. Renault also ceased development of this years car as soon as they had established 4th place in the constructors. Force India were surprisingly strong and I look forward to seeing how they develop. Haas failed to maximise their package and I really feel Romain is holding the team back. Torro Rosso worked well as a test bed for Honda which showed regular signs of improvement though still a lack of reliability. Finally Williams, a dismal year and in any other team Claire would be out of a job by now, a total disaster.

Driver wise we all know Alonso is amazing. Lewis wasnt put under enough consistent pressure, Vettel did more damage to his own championship than anyone else could do. Daniel Ricciardo is amazing as ever and could have been a title contender if the team let him, Max hasn’t learned anything yet, lets seem him race clean under championship pressure. More later when I have time.