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Wheels remain a niche product and I wonder how Valve got their numbers.

Saw someone mentioning that Steam gathers the information over time with hardware IDs that were connected. When you then agree to take part in the Steam hardware survey, it’s just pulling and sending the collected data.
This makes the most sense so far, since the original article also shows usage numbers of PS4 vs XB1 controller over the last month (did people that own at least one of these controller actually play a game with it in the last month).

If – as most people assumed – the survey would only search for connected devices on the day someone gets asked to take part in the survey, then the usage data wouldn’t make any sense, unless they specifically asked the Steam user about their controller habits in the last month, which nobody mentioned, so I think it’s less likely.

This then would mean that Valve’s numbers can’t be super far off, which is hard to believe for me. Should be at the very very least double their number.