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Alan Boiston

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Space Pirate Trainer has been one of the most popular HTC Vive demos over recent months. The game placing the player in the thick of the action, while requiring physical dexterity in avoiding enemy fire in its use of room-scale VR.

Gameplay is relatively basic, you stand in your available floor area / play zone, shoot enemies as they appear while physically dodging bullets. Players are granted a range of gun fire rates / styles available but the repeat shot is the only really useful option as it combines a powerful repeated laser bolt with a lot of charge. Look at the radar in front and you’ll get a good idea on where to aim, then position yourself to the back of the playing area giving good space to move into. Beside your gun, there is a shield available, simply reach behind your back and pull it out, though in my experience this was way too inconsistent in the heat of battle.

There are two types of enemies, these come in silver and red, with the silver enemies taking far lass damage to kill, so shoot these guys first. Dodging bullets is to an extent a game of chance, you hear the enemy firing sound and then move, time slows down at this point giving you a chance to return fire. Enemies will whizz around so you’ll need to be predictive in their movements when the scene gets busy.

Just a glorified demo at this stage, the development team behind Space Pirate Trainer have announced that a range of additions will be coming to the title soon. In many respects they can’t some soon enough, though fun, you’ll quickly reach your limit while the repetitive nature of the enemies don’t leave much interest for forging further ahead. Either way it’s another original use of VR, runs well on the GTX 780 and good demo material for anyone who hasn’t experienced the Vive before.

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