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Game: WRC 3

Platform: PC, PS3, PSVita, XB360

Publisher: Bandai Namco, Black Bean Games

Release Date: 12/10/2012

Since the release of its demo earlier this month, anticipation for Milestone's upcoming WRC3 has shifted up a gear. Fan reaction has been largely positive thanks to a wealth of improvements made since the last two efforts, which could well make WRC3 the most definitive rallying experience in recent years.

As part of our extensive coverage on Milestone's latest offering, Alan has been rigorously putting WRC3 through its paces and compiling a comprehensive collection of gameplay videos that covers each and every one of the stages you will be playing in the final game. With so much practice on WRC3, you would think he could handle a real rally course by now.

So without further ado, here's our rundown of WRC3's vastly improved stages – every video can also be viewed from multiple in-game perspectives. Don't say we don't spoil you.

Monte Carlo 

Round 1 of the World Rally Championship starts on the icy roads of Monte Carlo. Despite the conditions, it's a gentle introduction, and the smoother tarmac surfaces make for consistent slides and drifts in this high speed section.


Round 2 of the World Rally Championship moves to the snow of Sweden. Featuring treacherous conditions, challenging handling and narrow sections, this rally will test all drivers as they push to squeeze out those additional tenths.


Round 3 of the World Rally Championship departs from the cold of the earlier rounds and moves to the arid heat of Mexico. Tricky winding mountain passes make for a technical stage with lots of unsighted corners, making concentration on co-driver commands essential.


Round 4 of the World Rally Championship moves back to Europe and another hot climate with Portugal. Sandy surfaces make for less grip and more sliding of the car resulting in a stage that forms a mix of flowing corners and tricky sections,  mkaing it easy to get caught out.


Round 5 of the World Rally Championship moves back to South America and the challenging dirt roads of Argentina. Shadows, unsighted corners and trackside obstacles make for some tricky sections. Practice will be required to master the many different surfaces on offer.


Round 6 of the World Rally Championship transports us to the land of the Gods. Good weather and a firm surface make for a bumpy ride on this deceptive course. A high crest on the road makes finding and staying on the perfect line essential.

New Zealand

Round 7 of the World Rally Championship returns to this new remodelled New Zealand stage. With flowing corners and nice slidey gravel, this has a classic rally feel and experience that brings back many fond memories of Colin McRae Rally many years ago. One of our favourite stages, this requires concentration and commitment to maximise performance while getting into a good rhythm.


Round 8 of the World Rally Championship moves to a revised version of Finland. High speed stages with numerous trackside objects makes for committed driving. While WRC3 improves upon its predecessors' versions, these stages still leave room for texture improvement and surface evolution. Nevertheless, it's still a huge step forward.


Round 9 of the World Rally Championship takes place on a retextured version of Germany. High speed roads, fantastic tarmac textures and revised handling have transformed this stage. It's great fun, but requires precision in maximising every corner.

Great Britain

Round 10 of the World Rally Championship takes place in the boggy Wales countryside. Tricky conditions with a bumpy and uneven surface make for more technical driving – understanding gearing will be key in maximising the best times for both the muddy and tarmac surfaces.


Round 11 of the World Rally Championship takes place in a remodelled France. Picturesque surroundings dominate this fast and furious rally, with tarmac providing the speed while moist conditions cut a little of the grip. Concentration is required on some quick fire direction changes, but it's great fun and rewarding to drive.


Round 12 of the World Rally Championship takes place in Italy. Hot sunny weather and dry roads made for a rocky and compact surface, while lots of tricky bumps and cambers make for a complex and technical rally, maximising speed will depend on effective car placement. This rally is hard on the cars – they're fine over a single stage, but longer runs will take their toll so focus is required on the risk reward.


Round 13 of the World Rally Championship takes place on the narrow and twisty mountain roads of Spain. High speed and technical, experience will be required in maximising times here, i.e. where to gain time and sacrifice in finding a balance of performance on entire rallies.

So there you have it, a virtual tour of every last stage in WRC3. Which stage are you most looking forward to tearing round in WRC3 when it launches next month? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page or on our forum.

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