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Previews Thrustmaster Ferrari Headset Unboxing Video


Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

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This week we were privileged to receive an early hands-on the new Thrustmaster T.Racing Headset, this being the much sought after Scuderia Ferrari Edition. A set of headphones which accurately replicate the look of those used on the Formula One pit wall and very nice they are too.

Over the past couple of years Thrustmaster have been working hard to improve the overall production quality and detail of their new product range both for PC and console. Now with premium quality wheels, wheel rims you can’t distinguish from the real thing and the ever impressive Sparco Handbrake, it was time to move onto the competitive world of headsets. Check out our unboxing video below.

First impressions of handling the kit are undoubtedly impressive, it really looks the part. However, the packaging was a little underwhelming despite the auspicious products contained within. Given its Ferrari heritage I was expecting something more in the way of a display box. These are so accurate to F1 (F1 uses typical flight style headsets for ear protection) that they look just as good on display as the Ferrari 250 GTO Rim released last year. Either way I look forward to testing these in the next few days and giving you my feedback, the headset is released on 29th November and can be purchased via the Thrustmaster Store.

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