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Previews Project CARS Exclusive Playstation 4 Gameplay Videos


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Game: Project CARS

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: 06/05/2015

Last week we revealed our first exclusive selection of Project Cars gameplay videos focusing primarily on the visual developments and progress in this area. Could Slightly Mad Studios achieve the holy grail of 60fps?

A couple of years ago, 1080p 60fps was considered to be the expected De facto frame rate for the then ’next generation’ of consoles, but it was apparent from the get go that these new systems were not quite as powerful as many of us had hoped. Games companies were unable to achieve the desired performance, giving all manner technical excuses as to why 30fps was better for us. But in reality it’s simply a balance of visual performance, and you can do so much more in terms of effects when frame rate is limited. So, how has Project CARS progressed? Here’s part 2:

So far so good. The game runs smoothly with lots of cars and weather conditions in place. Lets look at a more built-up circuit in Monaco. 

Here we see the blur which curiously doesn’t appear in all videos. However, the visual layout and feel of Monaco is second to none and a real achievement in terms of attention to detail. Onto video 3:

Helmet cam is looking good, and the the audio and replay cameras are excellent. This car also works well with the controller. Onto part 4:

Here we see the Lotus 98T, a beast of a car and very trickly with the controller – this one certainly isn’t pick up and play. But you’ll see I start to get the hang of it; give it another 15 – 20 laps and you should be putting in consistent laps with a good pace.

Overall, visual fidelity is good, but the visuals could do with greater clairity and less of that curious motion blur. Frane rate is not consistently at 60fps but getting there, while the odd bugs and glitches are there to see, but this is expected at this stage of development.

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