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With the recent release of Monster Energy Supercross: The official Videogame from Italian developer Milestone, we naturally thought we would have to wait until next year for the fourth iteration of MXGP as the two titles deal with very similar sports.

However, that theory was put to rest earlier this month with the surprise announcement that MXGP Pro (note the absence of the number four) will be arriving on June 29 across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Milestone is keen to inject new life into its fairly long-running MXGP series (MXGP 3 won best bike game in our 2018 awards) by doubling down on realism. This isn't just another sequel – hence why the "four" in the title has been replaced with "Pro".

We were lucky enough to attend a preview event where we had a chat with Milestone's marketing manager for MXGP Pro, Andrea Loiudice.

Loiudice explains the focus on simulation for MXGP Pro is a direct result of fan feedback. Players will now have the ability to set up their bikes in more detail than ever before and genuinely feel each change during a race. Riders and bikes receive new physics and animations (with input from real-life riders such as Antonio "Tony" Cairoli), which increase the simulation further so you'll need to take extra care with your landings. 

mxgp pro screenshot image

We also got a hands-on with an early preview version of the game and the simulation focus was definitely apparent. MXGP Pro is very challenging indeed. There's no more overjumping with reckless abandon – instead, you will be punished, which should delight sim racers.

In MXGP Pro you really need to keep your bike under control. Learning the course is essential if you want good lap times and you'll need to utilise whips and scrubs to keep your bike's trajectory low and increase your speed.

We can't wait until we get our hands on a later build to get a better idea of how MXGP Pro is shaping up. For now, though, why not cast your eyes below and take a look at our preview of MXGP Pro. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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