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Motorsport Manager is out on PC on November 10 following its popular debut on mobile platforms. We've managed to get our hands on the title prior to release to share with you our initial thoughts.

motorsport manager choose team selection pc version steinmann top car fastest teamAlan joins Tim, our resident Formula 1 expert, who first talks about the mobile origins of the title and which elements drew him in to the world of Motorsport Manager.

For those unfamiliar, Motorsport Manager puts you in charge of a motorsport team which brings with it a plethora of duties including hiring and firing drivers and team members, voting on track changes, research and development and much more besides.

You can even argue that Motorsport Manager is as much about people management as it is developing that championship winning car as you have drivers and team members feelings to keep in mind if you want everybody to be happy.

Tim then explains the extra details found in the PC version over the mobile versions released previously. The biggest difference is arguably the fully 3D races with lovingly detailed environments and cars which replace the racing dots from before.

Also new for the PC version are the full race weekends which of course includes the practice and qualifying sessions along with the actual race itself. The extra power the PC platform offers also enables endless gameplay, more detailed car development and an expanded pre-season.

You can find out lots more on Motorsport Manager along with our initial thoughts on the title in the video below.

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