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We recently got our hands on a preview version of MotoGP 17 ahead of its June 15 release and we are left very impressed.

motogp 17 team vvv previewIndeed, to call it the most exciting MotoGP game in years would not be understating it thanks to its refined handling and vastly improved audio.

Starting a race alongside 21 other riders can be deafening, especially for players that use decent sound system setups or head/earphones. Sounds are such a huge part of racing and Milestone has clearly unlocked some magic in this department even though they are using the very same engine as last year's Valentino Rossi The Game which pales in comparison.

The bike handling feels great too and is much improved over last year's title. We feel it is closer to Ride 2 than previous Moto GP games from Milestone. This gave us more precise control allowing us to make very subtle changes in direction to give the game a good sense of flow and accuracy.

The user interface has gotten an overhaul too, large picture titles replace the older system which gives a more clean and less cluttered look and a slickness that you expect in big budget titles.

You can view our preview of MotoGP 17 below.

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