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Previews Moto Racer 4: Exclusive PS4 gameplay and preview chat


Kevin Dooley

News Editor

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Game: Moto Racer 4

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Microids

Release Date: 18/10/2018 (Switch)

We recently got our hands on the upcoming arcade bike racer Moto Racer 4 and we share our opinions on the work in progress title.

The actual build we played was actually over two months old so the final game could well be quite different from the one we experienced. Visually Moto Racer 4 has almost a cartoon-esque look with a visual style which is similar to the cel-shaded appearance of Borderlands.

The off road sections were fun and we had to negotiate several obstacles and jumps which reminded us somewhat of MotorStorm. The game faired less well on the roads with controls which felt lagging behind our actual inputs, indeed we were weaving around as we struggled to keep the road bike in a straight line.

You can listen to our thoughts along with some exclusive footage of Moto Racer 4 below, let us know your thoughts on the arcade racer in the comments below.

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