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Previews Micro Machines World Series preview gameplay & team chat


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With so many high profile releases coming in the next four or five weeks, it's perhaps easy to forget that Codemasters are releasing a new iteration in the Micro Machines series.

micro machines world series battle mode Micro Machines World Series (not to be confused with Table Top Racing: World Tour) is set to release on June 23 across the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One platforms. As has been the case with each new Micro Machines game, World Series adds new content to the series to make it stand out from previous offerings.

We recently got a hands-on with the title and sampled the newly added battle mode along with the more traditional weapon races and, of course, the now legendary elimination mode.

Only twelve vehicles make it into World Series which, although sounding paltry, it's really a case of quality over quantity. Indeed each feels very different from the last and comes with its own unique weapon set.

Environments are as colourful and fun as ever and are simply packed full of details: it's clear that a lot of love went into creating World Series. Kitchens, kids' rooms, work sheds and garden environments all feature, and you may notice a certain game you might've played as a child thrown in there too.

You can watch some fast and frantic gameplay for Micro Machines World Series in the video below as we give our feedback and impressions on the title.

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