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Previews Gas Guzzlers Extreme needs more fuel in the tank on Xbox One


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I'll admit I was looking forward to the belated release of Gas Guzzlers Extreme on consoles, which was recently announced three years after its original release on PC. Given its age, you'd think that developer Gamepires would use the time to ensure its console port goes as smoothly as possible. However, new footage of Gas Guzzlers Extreme running on Xbox One version is showing cause for concern. Put simply, it needs some serious optimisation.  

Taken from this year's EGX show, footage captured from the Xbox One version shows Gas Guzzlers Extreme running at a worryingly unstable frame rate with frequent freezing which disrupts the action – not exactly ideal for a chaotic car combat game where you need fast reaction times.

To be fair, we don't know how old this build of the game is, but why you would show such an unoptimised version of the game to the public close to launch is anyone's guess. At the time, the publisher told us Gas Guzzlers Extreme would be released on Xbox One in a matter of weeks. Judging from its current state, we're not holding our breathe. 

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