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Previews F1 2013 exclusive Classic Mode hands-on gameplay videos


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Game: F1 2013

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 04/10/2013

Today saw Codemasters officially announce F1 2013, and while its existance isn't exactly an earth shattering surprise, the inclusion of the Classic Mode content certainly was.

It's been long-requested, but licensing issues have continually prevented Codemasters from gaining access to vintage formula one content. They've since overcome these issues however, meaning that passionate fans will finally be able to reenact what was arguably the golden age of the motorsport, with car, driver and car content covering iconic seasons from the 1980's and 1990's turbo era – currently confirmed cars include the 1980 Williams FW07B, 1988 Williams FW12 and 1988 Lotus 100T,  1992 Williams FW14B and 1996 Williams FW18. You can also find a list of announced tracks and drivers in our announcement post

Just before the announcement, Team VVV were invited to Codemasters for an early hands-on with the Classic Mode, and Alan recorded his findings from a series of laps around every classic track available in the demo.  

First up, Alan gets to grips with Nigel Manssell's '88 turbo-powered Williams at the old Jerez circuit, which proves tricky to tame:


Next up, Alan takes Nigel Mansell's '92 Williams for a spin around the modern-day version of Silverstone. Now more accustomed to F1 2013's challenging handling in the Classic Mode, Alan pushes the car closer to its limit:


Finally we arrive at Suzuka as Alan once again test drives Nigel Mansell's Williams FW12:


As an added bonus, we also managed to get an exclusive first look at F1 2013's improved replays and its new TV viewpoints including the classic over-the-shoulder cam, which you currently won't see anywhere else:


While it's a subject clearly close to Alan's heart, it's safe to say that many passionate fans will be jumping for joy at the long-awaited classic content, and the novel authentic touches such as the diluted colour pallette and retro BBC-style HUD graphics only add to the appeal. 

Expect a developer interview to come, and more info on the F1 2013 Classic Edition during Gamescom next month. 

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