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Previews Assetto Corsa on console: our initial impressions


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If you're a console owner and a fan of racing games, chances are you've been envying PC players who have had access to Assetto Corsa for the last few years, which has built up a reputation as one of the finest racing simulators on the market.

Thankfully, console owners are no longer left out as Assetto Corsa launches today on PS4 and Xbox One, representing a new wave of hardcore PC racing simulators being ported to console following Project CARS last year. 

We've been playing Assetto Corsa extensively on both formats and bring you our initial impressions in a special extended podcast.

Unsurprisingly, it's safe to say we're utterly smitten with Assetto Corsa's car handling, which ranks as quite possibly the most realistic depiction of driving in a racing game. This was clearly the focal point of the development, and there haven't been any compromises in the handling department in Assetto Corsa's console debut. 

Unfortunately however, there are some glaring performance issues that threaten to tarnish the experience. Assetto Corsa is supposed to run at 60fps, but we noticed some significant frame drops in both the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Even more apparent is the distracting screen tearing, which is particularly noticeable in the trackside scenery. 

It's worth noting that the v1.1 patch has improved the performance since our initial testing, but there is still plenty of optimisation that needs to be done. Assetto Corsa is still an incredible achievement for such a small team, and if these issues can be rectified in future patches  it could set the standard for future hardcore racing simulations on console. 

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