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News Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo announced ahead of full reveal


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Game: Gran Turismo

Platform: PS1

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 20/03/1998

Zagato's contribution to the long-running Vision Gran Turismo initiative has been announced ahead of the vehicle's official unveiling later in 2017.

First teased in late 2013 when Zagato was announced as one of the original 19 brands involved with the Vision Gran Turismo programme, the IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo is also set to be featured in the upcoming racing game Gran Turismo Sport.

Little is known about the vehicle, though the proportions and revealed design cues of the Vision Gran Turismo do appear to indicate the vehicle is mid-engined – in contrast to the iconic, front-engined Iso Rivolta grand tourer this avant-garde vehicle's name is partially derived from.

The official statement discussing the Grand Basel 2018 automotive showcase where the Zagato Vision Gran Turismo will be displayed also mentions the vehicle will eventually become a 'ready-to-use car'. As a result, it's possible the Zagato IsoRivolta will follow in the footsteps of the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo by Pininfarina in eventually becoming a fully-functional product instead of a flight of fantasy design study.

More information on the Zagato IsoRivolta Vision Gran Turismo will be revealed during the official presentation for the car later this year on 18th October 2017.

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