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News YouTuber Team VVV Page Announcement – Steve Benway


Alan Boiston

Founder & Website Editor

Posted on

Christmas is almost upon us and as a final announcement towards the end of the year, today sees the launch of our new YouTuber Channel pages. This giving selected YouTubers the chance to run their own news page on, with their news appearing on their own page and slideshow, a new Community page and the Home Page. 

By getting YouTubers on board we can cover more community news within the site while giving them additional exposure and granting the opportunity for greater collaboration. It’s all early days at the moment and I won’t be going into too much detail as this stage. We’ll have another more detailed video as the project rolls out to a wider number of YouTuber's in the future. 

But first I’d like to lend a warm welcome to Steve Benway, a retro gamer who say’s it and show’s it, how it is. Frank and honest with his jovial approach while being amusing and insightful all at the same time, you can see his page here: along with a video introduction below.


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