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News Xbox One X revealed at E3 2017, to launch worldwide on 7th November 2017


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Microsoft has revealed its flagship Xbox One console variant at this year's E3 expo.

Formerly known by its 'Project Scorpio' codename, the Xbox One X is being positioned as the most powerful games console to ever be released – despite the device being smaller and more compactly packaged than the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Set to retail for $499 in the US (which will likely translate to approximately £450 in the UK), the Xbox One X does at least somewhat justify its steeper price tag on a technical level. On top of the six teraflops worth of graphical processing power, the 12GB of GDDR5 RAM and the built-in 4K Blu-ray player, the Xbox One X also contains liquid-cooling technology usually reserved for servers and high-end PC components.

Despite the focus on 4K (ranging from the capacity to run games at a "true 4K resolution" to the aforementioned 4K Blu-ray functionality), Microsoft is stressing there are additional benefits to the system outside of the increased fidelity aspects. For example, loading times for current Xbox One games are claimed to be reduced significantly on the One X in comparison with the other Xbox One variants, and the new supersampling feature will allegedly bring about noticeable visual improvements for users with 1080p displays.

The Xbox One X will also be fully compatible with all prior games released on the Xbox One ecosystem – including the various games in the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility line-up. Likewise, all Xbox One accessories (including, presumably, the Kinect motion detector device) will work on the Xbox One X.

Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox One X will be launched worldwide on 7th November 2017. More defintive details on UK pricing and the games line-up that'll be fully supported on the Xbox One X in time for its official release will likely be disclosed in the coming weeks and months.

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