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News Wreckfest is getting a significant “simulation-grade” physics update this month


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From the same developer that brought you the underrated FlatOut series, BugBear's Wreckest, previously known as the tentatively titled Next Car Game, has proved to be one of the most riotously entertaining racing games of late, with its pulse pounding no rules racing and delicious damage modelling providing a refreshing change in pace from the relentless realism in Project CARS.

Since its release on Steam Early Access in late 2013, updates adding new car and track content along with  improvements to the graphics and physics were frequently released, but this year has been sorely lacking in updates – the last update was released eight months ago. There was a sense that even its most diehard fans were getting impatient. Don't worry though, it hasn't been left on the scrapheap – far from it.

After a long wait, the developers have broken the silence, revealing that they've been hard at work tinkering under the bonnet preparing for a major update due out this month.

The update is said to bring signifiant updates to the physics, adding a new "simulation-grade" tire and suspension model that will "provide for a much more immersive driving experience on both tarmac and sand."

Likewise, the visuals will be getting a massive makeover as Wreckfest will soon run on the DirectX 11 rendering engine that will "make it possible to faithfully recreate realistic environments with advanced physically based materials and lighting (PBR)."

As a result, the update will primarily contain updtes to  some of the technical aspects of WreckFest, so don't expect much in the way of new content. However, BugBear assure us that this doesn't mean the update will be completely devoid of new content: the Sandpit track has been reworked to "give you a glimpse of the level of quality and realism we’re striving for with our next-generation environments." and an all-new track will also debut. Two new work-in-progress cars are also promised, along with additional features and improvements requsted by the community.

BugBear are working on a changelog, but here's a summary of what to expect from this month's Wreckfest update: 

  • New simulator-grade physics engine with advanced tire and suspension geometry simulation.
  • New DirectX 11 rendering engine with realistic physically based materials and lighting.
  • 64-bit operating system support for optimal performance on modern computer systems.
  • Hardware MSAA anti-aliasing with advanced foliage transparency antialiasing.
  • Dedicated server for optimized multiplayer performance with command-line and remote configuration features.
  • Steam leaderboards and player statistics for tracking and comparing performance with other players.
  • Support for changing the track and the car in lobby as well as adding bots to multiplayer events.
  • New game modes Team Race and Elimination Race, guaranteed to provide explosive racing action for 2-4 teams.
  • One new track and another one completely overhauled.
  • Two new cars, an American and a European one.

"The next update is a first, important step in realizing our dream for Wreckfest. Now with most of the heavy lifting done on the physics and rendering department of the game our development team will be working full-steam on new good stuff to come in the next months: a whole lot of new cars, new tracks, car customization, modding support as well as other features and content that in end will make Wreckfest THE definite game for anyone looking for rough, no-holds-barred racing experience."

Has this update encouraged you to fire up Wrekfest for another bash?

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