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It's a well known cliche that every 2D top-down racer ever will inevitably be compared to Codemasters' classic Micro Machines. And that's exactly what new London-based indie developer Ludobit has done in the press release for their debut free-to-play title Wreck'em Racing: "If you loved Micro Machines back in the day, then Wreck’em Racing is for you!" it reads.

Wreck'em Racing has just launched on iOS and Android, and while it initially doesn't sound like the most original racing game ever made, it does contain some intriguing features that sets it apart.


Of course, you can't have a 2D topdown racer without power-ups, and Wreck'Em Racing has plenty of oddball powerups in supply, from missiles to mole cars. You can also go all Dick Dastardly and lay roadside traps for your unsuspecting rivals.

Car customisation is also featured, allowing you to kit your car with tools such as wheel spikes and armour plating. There's a variety of car classes to choose from, including 4X4s, sports cars and even a hovercraft.

Aadding to the replay value are 40 missions and 18 challenges to test your skills. Multiplayer is also said to be coming soon along with additional content.

It all has the makings of a humble racer worthy of support a start-up indie developer. Wreck’em Racing is free-to-play and is currently available to download on iOS and Android.

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