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Game: WRC 3

Platform: PC, PS3, PSVita, XB360

Publisher: Bandai Namco, Black Bean Games

Release Date: 12/10/2012

We've been covering WRC3 extensively here on Team VVV, with our comprehensive video playthrough of every available location effectively dominating our YouTube channel upon its release. 

WIth this in mind, we thought we'd cover the Vita version in a similar fashion. WRC3 looks every bit as good on Vita as it does on the consoles, and plays just as well too, so it only seems right to give it some deserving spotlight. Quality driving games were a rare breed in the Vita's early days, but, as both WRC3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted have proven, the Vita has a lot of untapped potential to deliver console-quality racing games on a handheld system.   

So without further ado, here's a round-up of our WRC3 Vita gameplay videos which cover the majority of locations one stage at a time. Bare in mind that the WRC3 on Vita only includes six locations out of the box, though, with three additional locations available as free DLC.

I should also point out that the video lag is not representative of gameplay – blame my crappy camera. And before you mock my less than sterling driving skills on some stages, do bare in mind that it's a tad tricky to film these videos playing on a handheld whilst hunched up behind a camera.

More Vita videos from other driving games will be on their way soon, so stay tuned. 


Monte Carlo



Great Britain



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