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News WRC3 Vita free track DLC out November 28th


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Game: WRC 3

Platform: PC, PS3, PSVita, XB360

Publisher: Bandai Namco, Black Bean Games

Release Date: 12/10/2012

WRC3 Vita is undoubtedly a respectable port of its big brother, retaining all of the visual clarity and white-knuckle handling that made Milestone's third attempt at WRC so enthralling on home console. And yet, due to the obvious limitations of the hardware, it was noticeably watered down, cutting out the Road to Glory career mode altogether and sacrficing half of the cars and stage locations found on the console and PC version. 

Mercifully, Milestone have made a concerted effort to rectify this issue, having previously announced that additional tracks will be supplied as DLC post-release. Fans have been repeatedly asking us exactly when to expect this DLC ever since, but until now we didn't have an answer. We can, however, now reveal that, according to WRC's Facebook page, the date you have been waiting for is November 28th: a mere 2 days away!

Assuming that Milestone stick to their original plan, Rally Guanajuato Mexico, Philips Rally Argentina and Vodafone Rally de Portugal stages should be available on the PSN store. This still leaves Italy, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden, however, so we can only hope that we will eventually have a full set in future DLC installments. 

Best of all, every stage will be available completely free of charge, which is a nice gesture on Milestone's part. Yes, it's clearly content that should have been packaged with the game on release (although, as our WRC3 Vita hands-on report revealed, this wasn't possible), but you can bet that many publishers would have seized the opportunity to charge for content already available in another version of their game. I'm looking at you Forza Horizon.

A truckload of screenshots have been added below showcasing each track in all their glory, and we will also be bringing you some gameplay video footage as soon as we can – stay tuned. 

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