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News WRC 8 update out now for PS4, Xbox One, & PC.


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Game: WRC 8

Platform: PC, PS4, Switch, XBox One

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Date: 05/09/2019

A new update for WRC 8 is now available across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bringing a wealth of bug fixes and improvements.

WRC 8’s beefy career mode has seen a number of enhancements. One of the main improvements sees manufacturer reputation now earned after each rally instead of limited to manufacturer tryout events. This will make progressing onto higher WRC category tiers much easier.

Other career improvements include the ability to change the difficulty at the beginning of each new season, a number of balancing and career objective fixes, and the user interface sees extra polish.

Elsewhere, you’ll now receive emails from meteorologists and engineers regarding their mistakes, the drones and helicopters will take more realistic paths, and the RedBull arch has been moved a little on the Sardegna, Italy rally – we’ve hit this one a few times!

You can read the full list of patch notes below. You can also read our review for WRC 8 here.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where the pacenote timing was inverted.
  • Addition of meteorologist and engineer mistakes mails.
  • Fixed some crashs.
  • Fixed the “Race Master” Xbox Achievement and PlayStation Trophy.
  • Fixed the “WRC Champion” Xbox Achievement and PlayStation Trophy.
  • Fixed the British nationality name in the DriverCard.
  • Fixed the unorthodox path drones and helicopters could take.
  • Fixed the rear windscreen sticker location on the Legendary Volkswagen Polo R WRC.
  • Fixed the issue where the player’s WRC badge could not be displayed correctly.
  • Hard tyres are now forbidden in tryouts.
  • On Italy – Sardegna, the RedBull arch has been slightly moved to avoid aerial crashes.
  • The Interface has been polished.
  • The stages have been polished.
  • The water splash effects have been polished.
  • The Spectator Mode has been polished.

Career Mode

  • The user interface has been polished.
  • The Career Mode has been balanced.
  • Some Career objectives have been fixed.
  • Quick Play ghosts are no longer showed in Career Mode.
  • Difficulty can be change at the beginning of each new season, without restarting a career.
  • Manufacturer reputation for superior championships categories is now earned at the end of each rally and each season depending on the position.
Developers comment: Manufacturer reputation was previously earned only by completing Manufacturer events.
  • Difficulty of Extreme Events has been decreased
  • Starting value of manufacturer reputation and threshold of contract proposal has been tweak.
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