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News WRC 6 will feature new sound, physics and damage models


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Game: WRC 6

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Release Date: 07/10/2016

We recently caught up with the guys responsible for the upcoming rally racer WRC 6 and learned a great deal about the title developed by Kylotonn Games.

WRC 6 work in progress screenshot super special rally stage citroen rally carFirst and foremost WRC 6 will feature not only a new physics model but also the tyre, damage, differential and suspension models will also be new too. The damage model for instance is completely redone both how it detects the actual damage along with how it represents that damage to the player visually.

Another major focus for Kylotonn is the audio, indeed it has been completely overhauled with as many as 95% of the audio samples reworked. According to the publisher BigBen Interactive the reworked audio samples should provide a more aggressive sound.

WRC 6 will release in Autumn this year for the PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PP platforms and has been recently confirmed for PlayStation VR. You can take a look at some work in progress WRC 6 gameplay from E3 below.

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