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News WRC 4 Gamescom hands-on reveals new improved audio


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Game: WRC 4

Platform: PC, PSVita

Publisher: Bigben Interactive, Square Enix Co.

Release Date: 25/10/2013

One of WRC 3's most common criticisms was its weedy engine sound effects – a problem that was seemingly about to reoccur in WRC 4 judging from the official gameplay footage released by Milestone which recycled WRC 3's sound effects. This didn't bode well with the community, who have been quick to deride WRC4 as a rehash of its predecessor.  

But WRC fans need worry no more, as it turns out those videos were misleading and actually justified their "work in progress" label. After a first hands-on at Germany, we can reveal that WRC 4 finally features improved audio. 


While negotiating the new German stage in an elaborate, full size rally car replica for added authenticity, it was immediately apparent that the engine sounds have a more realistic grunt than before, which you can hear for yourself despite the fact that the recorded video was not from a direct feed source.  

The German stage playable at Gamescom has also been improved, with some new harrowing narrow sections, Happily, we can also confirm that the German rally will not use repeated sections in the stages – another gripe we had with WRC 3.


So far so good, then, for WRC 4 despite some initial concern from the early footage. As with WRC 3, we will endeavor to bring you some comprehensive hands-on coverage in the months leading up to the final release in October. In the meantime, you can join in the discussion in our WRC 4 forum thread

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