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News WipEout-themed DLC released for Resogun


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A selection of WipEout racing ships are now available as premium DLC for Resogun.

Upon installing WipEout Ship Bundle, players of the side-scrolling shoot 'em up on PS4 will be given access to the following five vehicles from the WipOut games:

  • AG Systems
  • Auricom
  • Feisar
  • Piranha
  • Qirex

The WipEout Ship Bundle currently retails on the PlayStation Store for £3.99, whilst individual ships can be purchased for £1.19. Owners of Resogun's Season Pass will have automatic access to this WipeOut-themed DLC.

The WipEout franchise was a series of futuristic racing games, most fondly remembered today for its distinctive art style. A total of nine WipEout games were developed by Studio Liverpool (originally founded Psygnosis) before its closure in 2012.

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