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News WipEout Omega Collection’s free PSVR update out now


Kevin Dooley


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We're are happy to report that WipEout Omega Collection's long-awaited free PSVR update has now gone live.

It's just a case of updating the title and then strapping on your headset for some fast-paced VR racing. You can select any game mode, and play the full game in virtual reality from start to finish.

The new update actually adds three new VR exclusive ships for HD, Fury, and 2048 classes. Of course, as this is VR we are talking about, you can also enjoy the benefits full 3D audio which should add massively to the immersion and enjoyment of the anti-gravity racer. You'll also find a new remix of “Shake It” by competition winner Vieille Griffe.

Sony has also revealed that there will be a demo for WipEout Omega Collection coming “soon”. Let us know if you've been playing WipEout Omega Collection in PSVR and what you make of it so far.

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