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WipEout was one of the leading launch titles that helped define the PlayStation back in 1995. After a nine-year hiatus since the launch of WipEout HD on the PS3, the fabled futuristic racing series is finally making a comeback on PS4 next month with the release of WipEout: Omega Collection which will no doubt fill longtime fans with copious amounts of nostalgia. 

WipEout: Omega Collection Limited Edition Classic Sleeve

Realising this, Sony is packaging WipEout: Omega Collection with a limited edition classic sleeve resembling original PlayStation packaging, complete with custom artwork inspired by the original game's iconic cover by The Designers Republic. It's available as a pre-order bonus from selected UK retailers, including ShopTo and Base – both retailers are currently selling the standard game for £24.85. Four WipEout PS4 Team themes are also included as a pre-order bonus. 

Alternatively, a separate WipEout: Omega Edition steelbook edition is also available to pre-order featuring similar artwork inspired by the classic covers of WipEout and WipEout 2097. Both Amazon and GAME are bundling the steelbook with the standard game for £29.99. If you're a die-hard collector who has to have both the WipEout: Omega Edition, you can buy the steelbook separately on Amazon for £9.99. Yes, there are some people who buy empty steelbook boxes. 

WipEout: Omega Collection steelbook

As much as we love the effort that's gone into the artwork compared to some of the uninspiring limited edition racing game steelbooks we've seen recently (we're looking at you DiRT 4), using retro-inspired artwork could be misleading. Some fans may think they're getting a remastered version of WipEout 2047, only to find it's a 4K re-release of WipEout HD, the Fury expansion pack, and WipEout 2048 which was originally released on the Vita. 

We're all dedicated fans of the series, and while we can't help but wish that WipEout: Omega Collection wasn't a rehash of older games in the series, we're hoping it will be successful enough to pave the way for a future sequel. WipEout: Omega Collection is blasting onto PS4 on June 7th. 

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