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News Wipeout-inspired Formula Fusion successfully funded on Kickstarter


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Game: Pacer

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: R8 Games

Release Date: 17/09/2020

R8 Games’ anti-gravity racer Formula Fusion, a spiritual successor to WipeOut with several people who worked on WipeOut 3 sharing development duties, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter following its launch just over a week ago. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign has 698 backers and has raised over £37,000, surpassing its original £35,000 goal with 19 days still remaining.

However, if Formula Fusion is to ever get a wider release, it needs to achieve some considerably higher stretch goals. The current funding allowance will guarnatee the release of a content-light version containing eight tracks created by the WipeOut 3 track design team and an early-access version with one fully developed track.

“£35,000 will see the development staff being paid a low cost salary whilst the directors of the company continue to work for free. It will also enable us to bring in a couple of contract workers to continue with the great work we have done so far. In addition, it will protect us for a couple of months from the financial pressures of running a business, with all the usual costs associated with that. It will also allow us to go through Greenlight on Steam and to release a stable and commercially ready Early Access version of one track,” their Kickstarter reads.

“We aren’t talking about the usual stuck-in-alpha-never-finished kind of games that are becoming more common on Early Access – ours will be a statement of where we want to take the game, a version you can play and get a good feel of the finished product. Finally, £35,000 will allow us to effectively sell ‘pre-orders’ in accordance to the build plan right up to release in March 2016.”

A stretch goal of £100,000 will see the release of Formula Fusion on consoles, while a £150,000 stretch goal will grant the release of the full PC version with 22 tracks. The fact Formula Fusion has already been given the green light on Kickstarter will at least get the project off the ground, but relying on stretch goals is a risky strategy. R8Games say they will not abandon any proposed features in the stretch goals, but admit they will “need to reassess how we are going approach those targets and reschedule accordingly” if they are not met.

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