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News Wincars Racer launches on Steam Early Access


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Indie development team DragonJam Studios has released their fun racing title Wincars Racer on Steam Early Access.

Wincars Racer is an online-focused arcade racer that has been in development for three years. Inspirations come from racing classics such as Mario Kart, Out Run and Sega Rally and instead of relying on random powerups, Wincars Racer allows players to choose their powerups along with special skills which adds strategy to proceedings.

Initially Wincars Racer, which went originally by the name of Formula Wincars, was set to be a free to play title. Fans were asking instead for Wincars Racer to be a full purchase title and DragonJam listened and as a result the title is free of micro-transactions.

Wincars Racer supports online multiplayer for up to eight players with dedicated servers, leaderboards and stat tracking. There's 30 unlockable cars each with different driving styles, more than 100 skins and 6 drivers with unique skill sets. Nine circuits are included which vary greatly from city tracks to those that are underwater complete with sharks.

Wincars Racer is available now on Steam Early Access for £7.19.

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