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News When Ridge Racer and Daytona USA collide


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Well this was unexpected. In a curious collaboration, Namco Bandai have announced some rather novel DLC for Ridge Racer on Vita, featuring none other than the iconic Daytona Hornet racing car from SEGA's timeless Daytona USA. 

A new song entitled 'Ridge Racer: Ridge Racer USA Mix' will accompany the Daytona DLC car composed by Namco's Hiroshi Okubo and Sega’s Takenobu Mitsuyoshi. Presumably it will consist of Kaz Hirai exclaiming "Riiiiiiidge Racer!" on loop set to the theme ofDaytona USA. I can hope. 

It's scheduled for Japan on June 6th, but there's sadly no word on plans for a release in Europe or the US as of yet. 

Ridge Racer's Vita debut was somewhat notorious for being incredibly skimpy on content, initially launching with just 5 cars and 3 tracks. Post-launch DLC, including the 'Gold Pass' which was initially offered for free for early adopters, has since added a wealth of new cars and tracks however, but it's still an odd strategy on Namco's part. Hopefully we will continue to see surprises like this crop up.

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